Tears of the Kingdom Drone Deletes Silver Bokoblin Patrol in Seconds | Games Rants
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Tears of the Kingdom Drone Deletes Silver Bokoblin Patrol in Seconds | Games Rants


  • In the game Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a player found success in using combat drones to defeat powerful enemies like the Silver Bokoblins.
  • The drone is equipped with Zonai Beam Emitters and a Zonai Homing Cart, which stun-locks enemies and deals significant damage.
  • The drone’s modular design means it can potentially handle other ground enemies in the game, including the powerful Silver Lynels.

An avid Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player has taken mob farming to another level by constructing a combat drone that managed to delete a Silver Bokoblin patrol within seconds. The footage of their deadly aircraft was shared on social media shortly just days after a different Tears of the Kingdom player showcased their own Silver Bokoblin killing machine.

While the new Zelda game builds on its predecessor’s combat system with the addition of Fuse mechanics allowing players to combine weapons into more potent armaments, the optimal way of dealing with the most annoying enemies in Tears of the Kingdom is to avoid direct engagements altogether. Instead of trading blows with the game’s many deadly creatures, the most resource-efficient approach to combat tends to revolve around elaborate war machines that can handle mobs all on their own.

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In yet another testament to the effectiveness of that strategy, Reddit user Terror_from_the_deep devised a devastating drone that wiped out a deadly patrol consisting of five Silver Bokoblins led by a Silver Boss Bokoblin in exactly 19 seconds. Their impressive contraption primarily relies on some half a dozen Zonai Beam Emitters for pushing through damage, which is a popular setup among the game’s fandom that has so far featured in many a menacing war machine, including an imposing pulse emitter for deleting Lynels in Tears of the Kingdom.

However, what makes this design stand out from the average Tears of the Kingdom attack drone is the fact that it also drops a Zonai Homing Cart that stun-locks enemies with its combination of Frost and Shock Emitters. The two modules are connected with a normal Chuchu Jelly, which transforms into a Yellow Chuchu Jelly once the device is powered on, decoupling the ground unit from its airborne counterpart in the process once the former is repositioned with Link’s Ultrahand ability.

Given how the Silver variants of Bokoblins and Boss Bokoblins have 720 and 1,200 HP, respectively, this modular contraption should also be capable of dealing with any other type of Tears of the Kingdom’s ground enemies. For context, the most menacing members of that lot are Silver Lynels, which have 5,000 HP. But while that extra bulk will inherently lead to longer kill times, the end result should still be the same thanks to the two-part drone’s stun-locking capabilities. And if all else fails, there’s always the option of building a dedicated Lynel-farming machine in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available now for Switch.

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