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Best Fallout New Vegas Total Conversion Mods | Games Rants


  • Fallout: New Vegas combines old-school and new Bethesda elements to create a captivating RPG experience, thanks to patches that have improved the game.
  • Mods like Salt Lake Stories and Tale of Two Wastelands offer fresh content and the ability to explore new regions in the Fallout universe, providing hours of gameplay.
  • After War Nevada and DUST Survival Simulator enhance the challenge and survival aspects of Fallout: New Vegas, adding depth and excitement to the game.

There are many Fallout games in the main series that are truly incredible in their own right, but it’s a non-numbered entry that most people consider to be the best of the bunch. Fallout: New Vegas combines the best of both old-school Fallout and the newer Bethesda entries to make for a magical role-playing experience. The game launched with its fair share of bugs, but both official and fan-made patches have made the game way more bearable for most fans.

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Fallout: New Vegas is a game that players can check out time and time again, especially with the deep role-playing mechanics leading to each and every playthrough feeling pretty unique in its own right because of the numerous branching paths. However, after a point, players will have explored everything this game has to offer… which is why total conversion mods can be a boon for players who need something different from this title.

6 Salt Lake Stories

Salt Lake Stories in Fallout New Vegas

While not a complete overhaul mod per se, the new additions made by Salt Lake Stories are genuinely impressive and let players explore a completely new region that is pretty impressive in its own right. The mod is a breath of fresh air for any Fallout: New Vegas player who is bored of exploring the same regions over and over again.

The mod serves as a homage to the older Fallout titles and lets players uncover the story of the areas around the Great Salt Lake. There are many unique locations to explore that players can get lost in for hours on end.

5 Tale Of Two Wastelands

Fallout New Vegas Tale of Two Wastelands mod

Tale of Two Wastelands is one of the most popular mods for Fallout: New Vegas, allowing players to combine this title with Fallout 3 and allowing players to check out both worlds at the same time in a simple and cohesive manner. While some mental gymnastics needs to be made when it comes to the main character and their presence in the story, it’s a small price to pay for a game that will give players hours upon hours of playtime.

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This mod is a technical achievement of the highest level and allows players to enjoy the best of both worlds without too many problems. Players who want to spend a lot of time in two of the best Fallout games of all time will find ToTW to be right up their alley.

4 After War Nevada

After War Nevada mod for Fallout New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is a lot of things, but one thing that players can’t call this game is challenging. This is the case with most titles that use the Gamebyro engine, but there are bound to be some players who’d want the difficulty to be enhanced in a manner that isn’t superficial. With the After War Nevada mod, players can enjoy a higher level of challenge in the game along with many overhauled mechanics that force players to learn the mechanics once again.

Pretty much everything that players can think of in the game has been tweaked significantly or revamped entirely, making for a new experience that players will find fascinating to uncover firsthand. The mod may be old, but can still work on modern copies of the game as long as players don’t pair this overhaul with too many mods. Just the basics should be enough to make for a fun experience.

3 DUST Survival Simulator

DUST Survival Simulator in Fallout New Vegas

Players who want the survival elements of Fallout: New Vegas to be cranked up to a thousand will love what DUST brings to the table. It’s a simple yet great mod that does a great job of changing the way players approach this game, forcing them to manage everything from their hunger to their mental health as well.

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The game becomes extremely hardcore with this mod, and players will die over and over again as they come to grips with the mechanics featured in this mod. Players who love this mod should check out its successor in Fallout 4, called Frost. This unique overhaul is highly rated in the community, with the creator becoming somewhat of a legend because of the exciting nature of the mechanics featured in the game.

2 Fallout – The Frontier

fallout new vegas the frontier

There’s no denying that The Frontier is one of the most controversial mods in the community, despite the technical achievements on display here. The story is all over the place, doesn’t conform to the lore of the series, and some of the content is really questionable when players consider the developers and the controversies they’ve been exposed to.

However, from a purely technical standpoint, The Frontier is an excellent overhaul that players should check out. In many ways, this mod is a must-play for people who want to experience a crucial part of Fallout‘s modding history… as controversial as it may be.

1 Fallout: New California

Fallout: New California Shi

Fallout: New California is one of the best mods that players can check out, with the immense technical excellence and lore-friendly storytelling in this overhaul mod being absolutely exemplary. The mod structures itself as a prequel to New Vegas and embraces the weirdness of the franchise in the best way possible.

The high-budget nature of this mod makes it brilliant in every way and worth checking out for fans of the Fallout series. New California may have some rough edges, but the passion behind this mod is evident for everyone to see and makes it one of the best overhaul mods for any game, which is hefty praise indeed.

Fallout: New Vegas was released for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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