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Best Elder Scrolls Oblivion Total Conversion Mods | Games Rants


  • Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge is an impressive overhaul mod for Oblivion that still receives praise today, offering players a fresh and engaging experience.
  • Morroblivion allows players to explore the massive land of Morrowind in Oblivion’s engine with updated visuals, making it accessible for those who find the original game dated.
  • MERP, a Middle-Earth inspired mod, showcased great potential before being halted, leaving behind impressive elements that could have made for a truly magical experience.

It’s hard to believe that The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion is more than fifteen years old now. Most players still feel like it was only yesterday when this sequel to the groundbreaking Morrowind was released, with the land of Cyrodil being magical to explore in its own right. Transforming from a lowly hero into the Hero of Kvatch is a great power fantasy, and venturing through the gates of Oblivion to tackle a myriad of powerful enemies never stopped being intimidating no matter how powerful the player was.

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Of course, given how old this game is, there are bound to be many players who have already explored every inch of this massive world. As a result, the only way that these players can enjoy a fresh experience with Oblivion is to download a total conversion mod that changes each and every facet of the game in meaningful ways.

5 Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge

Nehrim At Fate's Edge in oblivion

It would be impossible to talk about total conversion mods for Oblivion without mentioning Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge, one of the most impressive overhaul mods ever made. The fact that people still talk about this overhaul to this day proves just how ambitious and well-received this project was, giving players a genuine reason to reinstall Oblivion and play through this game once again.

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The map is huge, the locations are carefully crafted, and the quests are pretty engaging in their own right. Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge is a great example of what a group of talented modders can accomplish when they set their sights on a common goal, with the sheer scope and technical excellence on display in this mod being truly impressive in every way.

4 Morroblivion

morroblivion screenshot

Morrowind is one of the greatest open-world games ever made, putting Bethesda on the map and allowing players to explore an original and unique fantasy world that is full to the brim with tantalizing lore, interesting creatures, and a brilliant story where the Nerevarine embarks on their quest to heroism and saves the world from the terror of the malicious entity, Dagoth Ur.

While Morrowind is an excellent game in its own right, some people feel that the game’s visuals and gameplay are so dated that getting into it poses a major challenge. For these people, Morroblivion will prove to be a boon, allowing them to explore this massive land in Oblivion‘s engine and experience its brilliance with a fresh coat of paint. This modding project is ambitious and will require some time, but there’s already a decent chunk of the map that players can explore if they want to see the reason why Bethesda became such a household name in the first place.

3 MERP | Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project

Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project or MERP, a mod for Oblivion

The idea of exploring a world inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien is genuinely interesting for fans who want to enjoy a chunk of this detailed and interesting world for themselves. While there are some games based on this franchise that people can check out if Middle-Earth is a tantalizing world, some people still feel like the potential for a huge RPG that embraces this world’s strengths hasn’t become a reality yet.

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All of this changes when people learn of the existence of MERP, an ambitious project that aimed to cover the entire world and let players explore this area in Oblivion‘s engine. While Warner Bros. sent out a cease and desist that prevented any major work from being done on this mod, the elements that still exist continue to be impressive. It’s a shame that corporations didn’t let this passionate fan project become a reality, since it would’ve been something truly magical indeed if the Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project had witnessed its true potential.

2 Valenwood Improved

Valenwood Improved in Oblivion

While not a complete overhaul by any stretch of the imagination, Valenwood Improved is still a fun mod that allows players to explore this region in greater detail. The new areas and elements added to the game really go a long way in making the gameplay of Oblivion fresh and engaging once again, especially if players are invested in the lore of The Elder Scrolls and want to explore all the areas of the world, with fan-made interpretations also being quite engaging in their own right.

Valenwood Improved adds many original locations to the game in the form of cities, towns, landscapes, ruins, and everything else along the same lines. There’s really nothing to say against this mod, and players who want a reason to boot up Oblivionwill find Valenwood Improved to be right up their alley.

1 Elsweyr The Deserts Of Anequina

Elsweyr the Deserts of Anequina in Oblivion

The province of Elsweyr is a major area in the continent of Tamriel that players can only explore if they decide to play The Elder Scrolls: Online. However, some people would want to explore this area without being sucked into the trappings of an MMORPG. For these players, this mod is the best way to go.

It adds Elsweyr as a province that players can explore in Oblivion, featuring a completely different landscape along with a wealth of quests, NPCs, locations, and enemies that keep the experience fresh and engaging in the long run. This mod is quite impressive and will keep interested players occupied for hours on end without any issues.

The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion is available on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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