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The Sims 4: Poolside Splash Kit Guide | Games Rants

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The Sims 4 continues to expand its gameplay features, introduce new neighborhoods, and offer a wide range of items to enhance players’ experiences. One effective way to bring more variety to the game, especially for players who prefer not to use custom content, is through Kits. Kits have become a popular choice among players due to their affordability and the convenience they offer. Interestingly, Kits seem to have replaced the traditional Stuff Packs, as there have been no recent releases of Stuff Packs in recent years, while Kits have been consistently added alongside larger packs.

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While Kits don’t introduce new gameplay features (with a few exceptions like Bust the Dust), they provide a wealth of themed items that can enrich players’ gameplay and interior design options. These Kits are a great way to enhance specific aspects of the game without the need for larger expansions or game packs. As such, for players looking to expand their catalog of Create-A-Sim items, this guide will provide an overview of everything included in The Sims 4‘s Poolside Splash Kit.

Poolside Splash Kit

The Sims 4_ Poolside Splash Kit

The Poolside Splash kit, alongside the Modern Luxe Kit, is the latest addition to the growing list of kits, making it the 24th and 25th additions to the list. In contrast to the Modern Luxe Kit, which exclusively focuses on Build/Buy mode items, the Poolside Splash kit concentrates solely on Create-A-Sim Items. As implied by its name, its primary theme revolves around swimwear and hot-weather attire, allowing players to appear even more fashionable by the pool or at the beach. Therefore, while the release of this pack may have occurred after summer for many Simmers, they can still experience it through their Sims’ playthroughs. The kit offers items for both feminine and masculine Sims, spanning from Child to Elder life stages.

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Although the Poolside Splash kit doesn’t align specifically with any recent expansions in terms of its purpose or style, considering that swimming pools are available in the Base Game, it allows all players to enjoy it without depending on any other pack for consistency. Nevertheless, having an expansion pack like Seasons proves highly beneficial, as these items are best suited for a summer setting, enhancing the game’s immersion. Island Living expansion pack is another suitable one where this pack can be utilized well, especially if players are looking to make the island’s residents’ fashion choices look more varied without looking off-place.

Poolside Splash Kit Create-a-Sim Items

The Sims 4_ Poolside Splash Kit Build_Buy

The Poolside Splash Kit offers a total of 29 CAS items, covering everything from accessories to tops and bottoms for Sims, from Child to the Elder. While some items are designed specifically for certain genders, there are also unisex pieces like sunglasses and necklaces that players can use. Notable items in this collection include full-body outfits that come with floaties, adding an immersive touch for Sims who might not excel at swimming but still want to enjoy the pool. Additionally, the kit includes a styled look for feminine attire.

In terms of general swatches, the items tend to feature vibrant colors, spanning from hot pink to salmon. However, there are also a range of options available for those who prefer more neutral tones. In summary, the Poolside Splash kit is an excellent choice for players who frequently host pool parties, or simply live their summers longer through their Sims and are seeking a wider selection of clothing options to enhance their in-game experience.

The Sims 4 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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