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Starfield Player Builds UNSC Pelican From Halo in the Game | Games Rants


  • Starfield players have been showcasing their creativity by designing impressive ships, with one player creating a faithful version of the UNSC Pelican from Halo.
  • The detailed instructions provided by the player have gained praise, with a 16-step guide and corresponding pictures helping others recreate the UNSC Pelican in Starfield.
  • The Halo series was a great source of inspiration for creating this ship, as the UNSC Pelican is a well-known and iconic vehicle in the game series. More unique ships and characters are expected to appear as more gamers play Starfield.

A Starfield player has showcased their creativity by designing their in-game ship to model a UNSC Pelican from the Halo series. While the Halo games are different from Starfield in many ways, the series’ Sci-Fi aesthetic transfers well to Bethesda’s new IP through this inventive ship build.

After almost a week of early access, Starfield has finally launched, and many gamers have been checking out all the game has to offer. While Bethesda’s latest RPG promises to give players immense freedom in exploring space, it also allows them to customize their seafaring vessel as they see fit. As a result, many gamers have created impressive-looking ships, with some taking inspiration from other popular franchises, such as Halo.

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Taking to Reddit, a Starfield player known as SteamingHotDataDump showcased their Halo fandom by creating an impressively faithful version of the UNSC Pelican in the game. In a collection of images, the player showcased the impressive design and even included a picture guide detailing how to create the ship from scratch. The ship assembled by the Reddit user featured a bulky shape similar to that of Halo‘s Pelican and had a green color palette, as seen on some versions of the versatile aircraft.

Since creating the UNSC Pelican, numerous Starfield fans on the subreddit have taken notice, with the post gaining thousands of upvotes and several Reddit awards. Particular praise went to the detailed instructions included in the Reddit post. Impressively, SteamingHotDataDump made a 16-step guide that walked players through how to create the UNSC Pelican in Starfield. Each step included a listing of the needed parts along with a corresponding picture of what to do.

It is understandable why SteamingHotDataDump elected to go with Halo for inspiration when creating their spaceship. With a number of successful mainline entries, the Halo series has seen the Master Chief pilot a number of iconic vehicles and aircraft over the years. Specifically, the UNSC Pelican is a tactical aerospace lifter seen throughout the game series. Its chunky construction made it a good choice for adapting to this Starfield ship design.

Beyond this impressive UNSC Pelican, numerous gamers have shared their customs ships built in Starfield. In addition, players have made eye-catching characters based on movies, games, and shows, such as Don Ramon and Tony Soprano, using the game’s character creator. With Starfield only recently leaving early access, many more gamers are getting the chance to start their own playthroughs. As more people check out the game, the number of unique ships and characters shared online will likely increase as well.

Starfield is available for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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