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Underrated Starfield Feature Adds a Ton of Immersion | Games Rants


  • Starfield takes RPG immersion to a new level with deep character customization and freedom in exploring the galaxy, making it a masterclass in RPG immersion.
  • The game introduces a unique feature where Vasco can actually say the name chosen by players for their character, adding a whole new level of immersion and personalization to the game.
  • The inclusion of this name feature by Bethesda, although not a first for the studio, still feels extremely unique and enhances the player’s immersion in the game, making it stand apart from other RPGs.

One of the most important aspects of any RPG is the immersion factor, and Starfield knows this all too well. Not only does it give players virtually limitless control to design their perfect character, but it also gives them immense freedom in how they go about the galaxy. While some players have grown skeptical of Bethesda in recent years, the studio hasn’t lost its touch altogether, as Starfield seems like a masterclass in RPG immersion, which is made even better by the smallest of details.

So many players are focused on the character creator and ship builders, which makes sense as these features are fantastic, but there is also another unique feature that adds to the immersion. For years, players have been able to give their characters names. However, those names have mostly existed as a simple background element. Starfield seems to be changing that by giving an NPC the ability to actually say some of these names, and that gives the galaxy a whole new feel.

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Starfield Makes The Protagonist’s Name Matter


After players are done constructing their perfect Starfield character, they can choose their name and pronouns. At first glance, it feels like the name is simply a bit of cosmetic fluff, while the pronouns tell the game how the NPCs should refer to the player. Once the game starts, this seems to be true as the NPCs simply refer to the player as the rookie. However, that all changes once players meet their trusty robot companion Vasco shortly after they discover the first artifact.

When players get control of the Frontier, Vasco will refer to them as the Captain. While Bethesda could have just left it at that, the studio actually gave the robot the ability to say a certain number of names as well. He can allegedly say names from a list of over a thousand of the most common names in the world. Some players have even discovered that they can also make him swear depending upon the name they use. While not everyone will benefit from this feature, it still feels like a fantastic addition to the formula.

This isn’t the first Bethesda RPG to have a feature like this, yet it still feels extremely unique. Fallout 4‘s Codsworth could say around 900 different names, including some swear words. This list is also made up of some of the most common names, and its inclusion also helped make Fallout 4 feel special. While it would be cool if more NPCs were able to use these names, the fact that one can is still a fantastic treat for players.

Having Vasco say the player’s name really helps boost Starfield‘s immersion. Usually, RPG NPCs will often refer to the player as a simple codename or as the chosen one. These games seldom make use of the player’s name, which makes games like Fallout 4 and Starfield stand apart. A feature like this may be incredibly hard to create, but more RPG games should really consider including similar mechanics.

Starfield has given players a massive galaxy of possibilities to explore filled with things to do, which has helped make it one of the most immersive RPGs in years. What Bethesda has been able to pull off with this game is impressive, and it is made even more impressive by minute details like the name feature. If Bethesda can craft a massive galaxy while giving a robot over a thousand names to say in 2023, then there is no telling what it will be able to achieve in The Elder Scrolls 6.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S

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