Modding Starfield Disables Achievements, But There’s a Mod to Fix That | Games Rants
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Modding Starfield Disables Achievements, But There’s a Mod to Fix That | Games Rants


  • Modding Starfield disables achievements, but mods already exist to work around this limitation on PC versions, including the Xbox Game Pass edition.
  • Starfield is expected to have full mod support in the future, although the exact release date for the modding toolkit is unknown.
  • There are currently two mods available that re-enable achievements, one for the UWP version distributed via Xbox Game Pass, and another for Steam users.

Modding Starfield disables the game’s achievements, but there are already mods to circumvent that limitation. The scope of the available fixes covers all PC versions of the game, including the base edition of Starfield available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Bethesda games have long been synonymous with modding, not least because the developer has a substantial track record of actively supporting such community content. Its latest RPG is set to continue that trend, with Bethesda already confirming that Starfield will have full mod support back in 2021. And though the company has yet to clarify on when exactly its modding toolkit will release, its absence hasn’t entirely prevented early Starfield mods from materializing, with Nexus Mods already hosting nearly 700 such customizations.

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As is customary with Bethesda games, using mods or console commands will automatically disable Starfield achievements, but that issue is easy enough to resolve by using even more mods. There are currently two such fixes available, with the original one being the Achievement Enabler by brunph that released as soon as Starfield hit early access. This mod requires the Ultimate ASI Loader, an open-source tool for injecting custom libraries into any game process running on Windows. While that dependency makes its slightly more complicated to install than its sole alternative, this mod is currently the only way to re-enable achievements on the UWP version of Starfield, which is the one that’s distributed via Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft Store.

Starfield Mods That Re-Enable Achievements

Starfield Frontier spaceship flying toward greenish planet

Meanwhile, Steam users can also leverage the Baka Achievement Enabler by shad0wshayd3 to achieve the same result in a more straightforward manner. This mod also comes with a dependency in the form of Starfield Script Extender, but anyone looking to mod Bethesda’s space-faring RPG in the near future is likely to end up with SFSE on their computer anyway. Namely, SFSE is currently shaping up to be the best stopgap solution for Starfield modders wanting to introduce new scripted events and other functionality to the game before Bethesda releases its much-anticipated Creation Kit.

All past 3D RPGs from the studio spawned similar script extenders in their early days, with most of those tools remaining popular even after their respective games received official modding toolkits. And while it remains to be seen when Starfield’s Creation Kit hits the market, Bethesda’s track record with mod support suggests the wait will be between three and six months long. Once that key tool is out, the company’s promise of Starfield being a modder’s paradise should start truly coming to fruition.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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