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Starfield Mod Adds Seinfeld Character | Games Rants


  • Starfield’s mod support allows players to add beloved characters from TV series, such as George Constanza from Seinfeld, expanding the game’s universe.
  • Players can customize their ships in Starfield, with some recreating famous sci-fi ships like the Millennium Falcon, adding a creative aspect to the game.
  • With a large amount of content already available and more to come, Starfield promises to offer players an impressive range of exploration and customization options.

A Starfield player has created a mod that adds George Constanza from the TV series Seinfeld to the game. Starfield is available in Early Access, ending a long journey that began with the game’s announcement at E3 2018. In a few days, all players will have the chance to check out Bethesda’s new IP.

Starfield offers players a wide variety of content. There are over 1,000 planets spread across 100 star systems, making Starfield‘s map one of the most ambitious in gaming history. While players already have much to do exploring the planets, Starfield has mod support, expanding the game’s already big universe. One Starfield player used the mod support to add one of the characters from one of the most beloved TV series.

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Modder dunce13 has created a mod that adds George Constanza from the iconic Seinfeld series to Starfield. Available on Nexus Mods, the “George Constanza Preset” mod is an impressive recreation of the character played by actor Jason Alexander. On the mod’s page, Starfield players can see some images, including a poster where Constanza poses next to the title “Into the Starfield.” Following simple instructions, players can download and install the George Constanza mod for Starfield, the description of which says that dunce13 “spent two hours of their life” making it. The Starfield character creator promises to be highly detailed and diverse, with a massive database of realistic characters.


But Starfield‘s character creator isn’t the only feature that promises to keep players entertained. Bethesda’s space RPG also offers extensive options for customizing ships, which is already leading to creative results. One player has recreated the Millennium Falcon in Starfield, bringing one of Star Wars‘ most famous ships into the game. On social media, other Starfield players are already planning to recreate other famous sci-fi ships. One example is a player on the Starfield subreddit who wants to make one of the ships from the movie Prometheus. Despite the numerous customization options, Starfield players must pay attention to factors such as speed and jump range to build a ship that is also functional.

Considering experiences with previous Bethesda games such as Skyrim and Fallout 3, players won’t be surprised to see Starfield getting a slew of mods ranging from characters to features. In addition, Starfield‘s first post-launch DLC has already been revealed, although details are still unknown to fans. With so much content already available and more to come, the expectation is that Starfield players will have an impressive range of content to explore.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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