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How to Use Mission Waypoints | Games Rants

Starfield is a massive open RPG with lots of exploring involved. Whether players are undertaking main missions or taking on side missions, it is easy to get side-tracked and lose one’s way on various planets and get lost. Starfield should be praised for letting players discover the mechanics and find their way instead of having systems that hold their hands from start to finish. It’s up to the player to play the game their way and implement the tools available to find their way and complete missions.

Luckily, Starfield players have a scanner to help them reach their destination and find their way to their goals.

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How to Use Waypoints in Starfield Missions

Starfield - using waypoints on a mission

Whether players are exploring a military facility or trekking off into the open world, it’s easy to get lost and run around in circles trying to find a way back or to the mission objective. Luckily, players have a scanner that will help point them in the right direction in and out of missions in Starfield. Use the following steps to use the scanner for waypoints:

  • Press F On a keyboard or LB on an Xbox Controller.
  • This will open a new interface for players.
  • Check the ground, and arrow waypoints will point the way for the protagonist.
  • Sometimes, the waypoints won’t work if the mission object is above or below where the player is standing.

Other Uses For Scanners in Starfield

Starfield - using fast travel

Of course, the scanner has more uses than showing the player where to go. It is one of the most invaluable tools in Starfield, and players should use it as often as possible:

Fast Travel

Players can open the scanner to use the fast travel mechanic in Starfield to jump to discovered and explored locations. It’s also an excellent way to return to the ship after a mission or if players have wandered some distance away.

Scanning For Valuables

There are lots of items and valuables to find and discover in Starfield. Sometimes, even the keenest eye can miss crucial notes, leading to a side quest or a line of credits to add to the inventory. Furthermore, looters can use the scanner to get an item’s value and weight. It’s an excellent way to earn extra credits. Knowing a piece of loot’s heaviness is also essential because carrying too much weight will slow the character down.

Starfield is available September 6, 2023, for the PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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