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How to Change FOV (PC) | Games Rants

Bethesda’s games are notorious for not having any built-in FOV sliders in their settings menus and sadly, this is still the case with the launch version of Starfield. Players are unable to change this setting in-game simply because the option to do so doesn’t exist.

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Thankfully, some members of Starfield’s gaming community have already found a way to work past this limitation, letting players tweak how near or far their in-game camera is from the screen without any unnecessary complications. This method doesn’t involve altering any existing files as well, so it’s safe to do for anyone who’s running the game on a computer.

How to Change FOV in Starfield


Unlike in older Bethesda games where players need to use in-game console commands, changing the FOV in Starfield works a little differently. To adjust this setting, do the following:

  1. Go to My Documents
  2. Go to the /My Games/Starfield directory
  3. Right-click on empty space in the folder and create a new Text Document
  4. Name the doc “StarfieldCustoms.ini” (without the quotation marks)
  5. Inside, paste the following with proper syntax:
    • [Camera] fFPWorldFOV=100 fTPWorldFOV=100
  6. Save the file

Once players load their latest save game, the camera should now be placed closer or farther away depending on the fFPWorldFOV and fTPWorldFOV values written in the configuration file. Feel free to adjust this setting to any desired value.

If it doesn’t work, then it’s likely StarfieldCustoms was saved as a plain text file. Make sure that it is saved as a “.ini” file and not a “.txt” one. Players can easily find out if this is the case by looking at their Explorer window and checking the file’s type. If the Explorer window says StarfieldCustoms.ini is saved as a Text Document:

  1. Open StarfieldCustoms
  2. Use the “Save As” function by pressing Ctrl+Shift+S
  3. In the “Save As Type” drop-down box, click “All Files” instead of “Text Document”
  4. Save the file as “StarfieldCustoms.ini”

This forces Windows to save the StarfieldCustoms as a configuration settings file, allowing the game to read the commands written in it and execute them as it launches. Make sure there are no unnecessary spaces between each line of code too.

As of writing, there is no way to adjust FOV settings on Xbox Series X/S consoles. However, thanks to the extensive modding support that Starfield has, it’s possible that a third-party user might create a way for console players to adjust their camera settings as well. It’s also possible that Bethesda might add such a feature in a future version of the game.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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