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How to Add Workbenches to Ships | Games Rants

Workbenches are a great addition to Starfield, and they allow players to create further unique items that can benefit their health, spacesuits, or weapons. If players want to know how to add workbenches to their ships in Starfield, then they can find that information here, including what every different type of workbench can do for the player that adds them to their space vessel.

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As players continue to evolve their Credits in Starfield, as well as their experience with the game, they will want to grow the capabilities of their ship. A good start is to invest in some workbenches so that their space home can provide them with the necessities they need to work on projects away from the Lodge or other inhabitable areas.

Modify Ships At The Ship Technician

modify ship to add workbench

To start, players are going to want to land at any spaceport or docking bay that has a Ship Technician. These are commonplace around the galaxy, and players can look for them across any planet with non-hostile human life and settlements. From the Ship Vendor, they are going to want to ask “I’d like to view and modify my ships.”, which will open up the Ship Overview screen, where players can see their collection of space vessels.

From here, it’s important that players select the button on their configuration to click Ship Builder, and not Upgrade Ship. Once on this screen, players need to select the Add button in order to look through the catalog of options available to them. Players are looking for the tab “HABS”, between Grav Drives and Reactors. Inside the HABS option, players will be able to see the workbench stations that they can add to their ships by hovering over one of the options and using left or right to filter through the different workbenches.

Players can read the description of the HABS inventory to double-check what they are about to purchase. The Workbench Modules that players are looking for in Starfield’s Ship Builder are the following:

  • Infirmary (adds a Pharmaceutical Lab and Research Lab workbenches)
  • Science Lab (adds a Pharmaceutical Lab and Research Lab workbenches)
  • Workshop (adds Industrial, Spacesuit, and Weapons workbenches)

Players can select these and add them to any accessible parts of their ship. These parts will take up Hull space, so players need to make sure they can actually support these stations. After they have been attached, players can purchase them by exiting the Ship Builder screen, and confirming that they are happy with their chosen selection.

It’s worth noting that each Ship Technician on every planet will have a different selection of habitat modules available, and the only thing that might change is their Hull size, and the company that makes it. However, the company doesn’t really affect anything other than the corporate branding that they can find, every workbench in Starfield still acts the same, and can provide players with great uses.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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