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Starfield: How Intimidation Works | Games Rants

Starfield has five separate Skill Trees, allowing players to specialize their character in all sorts of different categories. Although some gamers might feel inclined to improve their combat skills first, there are other, less obvious options that can make life much easier in Starfield.

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The Intimidation Skill can be used to the player’s advantage, not only during persuasion checks but also during combat. This guide will show Starfield fans how they can use intimidation to avoid combat and to persuade NPCs during conversations.

How to Use Intimidation

using intimidation tactics on security enemies

Like the Diplomacy Skill, gamers can use the Intimidation Skill in Starfield to stop hostile enemies from attacking them for a short period of time. To intimidate people in Starfield, players must open their Scanner, point it in the direction of their target, select the Social option, and then the Intimidation option.

The Scanner also allows fans to check the chances that the intimidation has of succeeding and how long its effect will last. If the player is successful, the target will become fearful and start panicking instead of attacking. Once the effect is over, they will go back to normal and engage in combat once again.

using intimidation mid conversation

Intimidation is quite a versatile skill because not only can it be used during combat, but it can also be used to persuade characters during dialogue.

Unfortunately, passing a dialogue persuasion check with an intimidation option does not count towards the Intimidation Skill challenge that requires players to intimidate different people.

Intimidation Skill Ranks

intimidating an npc in a neon bar

If the player manages to successfully intimidate another character in Starfield, the target will immediately get overwhelmed with a sense of fear and attempt to run away from the player. As gamers increase their Intimidation Skill rank, they’ll be able to intimidate targets of a higher level.

Intimidation Skill Rank


Rank One

The player can force its target to flee for a limited time if they’re at the same level or below.

Rank Two

The player can force targets up to ten levels higher than them to flee for a limited time.

Rank Three

The player can force targets up to 20 levels higher than them to flee for a limited time.

Rank Four

Targets now flee for a longer period of time.

Unlike the Theft Skill, chances of successfully intimidating another character won’t go up as gamers increase their Intimidation Skill rank. Gamers can put on certain outfits, such as the Security Guard Uniform, to increase intimidation chances.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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