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Why Dr Disrespect Was Denied a Sponsored Starfield Partnership | Games Rants


  • Starfield’s release in early access has generated mixed reactions, with Dr Disrespect’s situation being particularly of note.
  • Dr Disrespect, a popular YouTuber, spoke out about his qualms with Starfield and revealed that Bethesda refused to partner with him, citing past controversies.
  • Dr Disrespect’s recent comments on pronouns are not the sole reason for Bethesda’s decision, but they may be indicative of similar opinions or behaviors that led to the company’s refusal to work with him. Bethesda has not responded to his comments officially.

Starfield has been making waves since it debuted in early access on August 31, though it hasn’t been entirely for the right reasons. Starfield is Bethesda’s first single-player RPG since Fallout 4 in 2015, and as such expectations for it have been quite high. Unfortunately, while some people have expressed disappointment with the various glitches and bugs present in the game, others have found gripes as early as the character creation screen.

Herschel “Guy”, better known as Dr Disrespect, is a notable YouTuber and streamer with over four million subscribers. He was also one of the people to publicly voice his qualms with certain features in Starfield. His statements eventually led to him admitting that Bethesda had refused to partner with him while campaigning for Starfield. This information was shocking to some, though others were not surprised since Dr Disrespect has been involved in his fair share of trouble before.

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Dr Disrepect’s Past is Too Controversial

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When he decided to broadcast his playthrough of the action RPG on September 1, Dr Disrespect appeared aghast when he began the process of making his character. Players don’t have to choose pronouns in Starfield, as customization doesn’t require this, but some have been deterred by the pronoun options regardless. The controversy with pronouns in Starfield has accrued enough attention that a portion of the player base is actively demanding refunds from Bethesda.

Though the option in the character profile screen is brief, Dr Disrespect paused for a few seconds while reading the page. He then went on to pull up the Twitter page of Pete Hines, the head of publishing at Bethesda. While still on stream, after he noted the pronouns in their bio, he nodded and took a deep breath. This was followed by the remark “Got it. Okay, now everything is starting to make sense.”

According to Dr Disrepect’s live stream, Bethesda denied a sponsorship with him because “due to past controversies, there’s no way [they] can work with Dr Disrespect.” The controversies that the publisher could be referring to were not specified. Some have theorized that it had to do with the 41-year-old’s recent opinions on NickMercs’ skin being removed in Call of Duty, or the fact that he was permanently banned from Twitch in 2020.

Bethesda was extremely adamant about avoiding sponsorships with his eccentric persona, as the PR department didn’t stop there. When his team asked if he could at the very least play the space title in Early Access, when other big-name streamers were, they maintained that they still could not work with him. Dr Disrespect relayed that he’d been “hyping up Starfield for a long time” so it’s likely he wasn’t happy about being ostracized.

While Dr Disrespect’s latest statements on pronouns are not the reason that the Starfield developers chose not to work with him, it may have been because of similar opinions or behaviors. The streamer addressed the situation on September 4 during his stream, saying “As you know on this channel, and it’s been like this since we started, we don’t deal with politics. You just won’t win. You got your extreme left, you got your extreme right.”

Bethesda has not released any official statements about Dr Disrepect’s claims. At the moment, it’s undetermined whether the publisher plans on doing so or not. It could very well be the case that the developers are preoccupied with fixing glitches in Starfield or don’t feel the need to add anything to the story.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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