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How to Make a Non-Lethal Weapon | Games Rants

As a modern RPG with combat as a core mechanic, Starfield features a considerable amount of killing. Players making their way through the Settled Systems will come across countless hostile factions that are not exactly interested in taking the peaceful approach. Starfield‘s opening hour features a significant gunfight, which does not include any route other than combat.

From the outset, Starfield seems to take the stance that, in a hostile environment, the choice whether to kill or not may not always be in the player’s hands. That’s not to say it will never be an option, but it does seem clear that an entirely pacifist playthrough is not an option. This guide will show players how to make non-lethal weapons a real option, and how to use alternative methods to sometimes avoid combat.

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How Non-Lethal Weapons Work in Starfield


Non-lethal weapons are fairly rare in the world of Starfield, though players can craft them if they choose to. Whether a weapon is non-lethal or not is entirely based on its projectile type. Because of this, only certain weapons can be non-lethal. A small number of weapons are naturally non-lethal, using Electro-Magnetic (EM) rounds to stun enemies.

The best option for players who wish to use non-lethal weapons, is to simply create them at the Weapons Workbench. These can be found throughout the settled systems, the easiest being found in the basement of the Lodge in New Atlantis. Many of the game’s weapons merchants also provide access to workbenches in their shops.


When using a non-lethal weapon on an enemy, a new status bar will appear above their head. This blue bar will indicate how close they are to passing out.

How to Make a Non-Lethal Weapon in Starfield


While several weapons in Starfield will have a non-lethal option, the weapon-type most likely to feature them will be energy-based. This means lasers and particle beams. Guns like the Novalight, the Solstice, and the Equinox are perfect for making the change.

Non-lethal mods are fairly high-level, so players will want to make sure they invest their research time and skill points correctly. The first thing to consider is the Weapon Engineering skill level. Players will need to be at Level 3 to unlock the corresponding research categories.

As for research, the Magazine and Battery Mods 2 category will supply the player with the correct mods. It goes without saying that the more mods researched, the more likely it is that a non-lethal option will be found. However, it appears that most of the options are found in the Magazine and Battery section.

Using the Solstice as an example, simply head to the ‘Weapons and Battery’ section in the workbench, and choose the Electromagnetic Beams option. This will turn the Solstice into a non-lethal weapon. The Breach, a rare ballistic weapon with a non-lethal option, features the EM-Shells.

Do I Have to Make a Non-Lethal Weapon?


The short answer is no, players who want to use a non-lethal option do not have to craft their weapons. The Novablast Disruptor can be found in the world, but compared to other weapons, it is unusually rare.

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Can I Play Starfield Completely Non-Lethal?


Unfortunately, it does not appear that players can make their way through an entire playthrough without killing. Sadly, the game essentially forces the player to kill to progress fairly early. However, once the game opens up, the player can commit to fighting as peacefully as possible, as long as they possibly can. By getting creative with non-lethal weapons, and making use of Starfield‘s Social skill tree, players can come pretty close.

Starfield is available now on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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