Stardew Valley Fan Makes Impressive Cross-Stitch of Wizard’s Tower | Games Rants
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Stardew Valley Fan Makes Impressive Cross-Stitch of Wizard’s Tower | Games Rants


  • A Stardew Valley fan has recreated the iconic Wizard’s Tower in a detailed cross-stitch design, capturing the charm of the game.
  • The cross-stitch showcases the tower’s striking exterior, complete with flowers, a cone-shaped roof, telescope, and weather vein.
  • The artist’s previous cross-stitch featuring the Traveling Cart was well-received, with the Wizard’s Tower pattern now available for others to try.

One Stardew Valley fan has recreated the Wizard’s Tower in a detailed cross-stitch design, and the results evoke the charm of the farming simulation game. In addition to Stardew Valley players often designing incredible farm layouts in the game, some take things a step further, making real-life artwork based on Pelican Town and the surrounding area.

One of the locations outside of Pelican Town is the Wizard’s Tower. As the name suggests, Stardew Valley‘s Wizard’s Tower, found in Cindersnap Forest, is inhabited by a wizard, M. Rasmodius. Players can enter the building shortly after starting a playthrough, but they must reach four hearts status with the Wizard to unlock the basement, including the Shrine of Illusions. This allows players to change a number of things about their character, such as their name and favorite thing. Besides the useful things the location offers players, the striking appearance of the exterior of the tower has been the subject of fan art over the years.

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Recently, a Stardew Valley fan known as natnav_ on Reddit showcased their cross-stitch design based on the game. Specifically, the fan recreated the iconic Wizard’s Tower. The impressive art appeared to show the tower in its summer form, with flowers blossoming on the vines of the building. Many of the details visible on the exterior of the in-game structure were included on the cross-stitch. For example, natnav_’s Wizard’s Tower recreation featured a cone-shaped roof with the recognizable telescope protruding from an opening. There was even a weather vein positioned at the top of the building.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first cross-stitch created by natnav_. They previously made one featuring the Traveling Cart from Stardew Valley, featuring an impressive level of detail as well. Both of the artist’s designs have been well-received by the community, gaining praise from many fans. In addition, natnav_ provided a link for the Wizard’s Tower pattern in their Reddit post, giving other users a chance to try the cross-stitch design.

This cross-stitch from natnav_ comes as numerous other artistic gamers have been making fan art based on the game. For example, another gamer previously shared their Stardew Valley cross-stitch design that featured their cozy homestead. Beyond these cross-stitches, many players continue to make incredible farm and house layouts inside the game.

It will be interesting to see what cross-stitches natnav_ decides to make next based on the game. With Stardew Valley Update 1.6 coming in the future, it is possible even more options for creating artwork based on the game could arise. According to the developer, ConcernedApe, this update will bring a new festival, more items, original dialogue, and more.

Stardew Valley is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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