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The Board Game is Getting a Re-Release | Games Rants


  • Stardew Valley fans who missed out on the board game will have a chance to pre-order the third printing, which has been eagerly awaited due to past sell-outs.
  • The board game offers a similar experience to the original game, allowing players to engage in farming, mining, and interacting with townsfolk, and can be played by up to four players.
  • While fans should be excited about the reprint, they need to keep in mind that the game won’t ship until October and can only be shipped to the USA from the official shop, with select distributors in other countries accepting pre-orders.

Fans of the indie darling Stardew Valley who missed their chance to grab the board game will have a new opportunity soon. The third printing of the game is already eagerly awaited by fans, as the tabletop co-op game has sold out in the past.

Stardew Valley: The Board Game is designed to give players a similar experience to the base game in a tabletop format. The game can be played by up to four players, and is intended to provide a bit of a challenge. Fans of the original game can expect to do many of the same activities in the board game version, including raising animals, running a farm, exploring the local mine, and meeting townsfolk.

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Stardew Valley: The Board Game launched in 2021, but many newcomers and long-time fans of the series alike haven’t had an opportunity to buy it. Stardew Valley‘s board game version has sold out every time it’s become available, and each print is usually limited, so fans don’t have much time to place their purchase. Thankfully, a tweet from developer Eric Barone confirmed that the reprint would become available for pre-order on September 5 through the official Stardew Valley shop. The game will cost $50 USD and will ship for free.

While fans are likely excited, there are some caveats. The game won’t ship until October, so fans should keep that in mind when they make their purchase. Additionally, the board game version of Stardew Valley can also only be shipped to the USA if purchased from the official shop. The official website notes that select distributors in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the EU, and the UK will be accepting pre-orders. This is likely international fans’ best bet, as any resold copies will likely be listed at an inflated price.

Stardew Valley fans already have plenty to look forward to, with developer ConcernedApe starting to hint at some of the content they can expect in the game’s next update. While the Stardew Valley 1.6 update may not contain as many additions as prior updates, the audience eagerly awaits the addition of improved modding support and any fresh dialogue or content the update may contain. ConcernedApe has yet to reveal a release date for the update, so it’s likely that fans will end up trying the board game before 1.6 launches.

Though Stardew Valley has been out for many years now, extensive modding and practically endless replayability has kept the game at the forefront of many players’ minds and gaming systems. Hopefully many fans who have never had a chance to try the board game will get an opportunity to purchase a copy for themselves soon.

Stardew Valley: The Board Game pre-orders open on September 5 through the official Stardew Valley shop.

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