Stardew Valley Player Creates Awesome Farmer’s Market in the Quarry | Games Rants
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Stardew Valley Player Creates Awesome Farmer’s Market in the Quarry | Games Rants


  • Stardew Valley players can now place furniture outside, giving them the freedom to create unique and creative town layouts.
  • One player turned the Quarry Mine into a charming farmer’s market, complete with stalls, benches, and a café.
  • The player’s layout cleverly takes advantage of the Quarry’s blank space and offers a fun and useful area for players to enjoy.

One Stardew Valley player has recently turned their in-game Quarry Mine area into a farmer’s market, putting plenty of products found in the farming RPG on display. With the option to place furniture around Pelican Town in Stardew Valley, plenty within the player base have been very creative with their placements, making for beautiful and interesting town layouts.

When the Stardew Valley 1.5 content patch introduced to players the ability to place most furniture outside, it opened up a world of possibilities. Pelican Town could be reworked to follow a specific aesthetic or theme, or every blank space can be turned into income-generating land. As long as it does not stand in the path of the town’s residents, and can actually be placed around the map, players have a massive amount of freedom on what they can put down almost anywhere. This is probably why this particular fan chose to make a cute farmer’s market in the middle of the Quarry, right in front of the Quarry Mine entrance.

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On Reddit, user VividEar9 posted a photo of what the farmer’s market they laid out in the Quarry of Stardew Valley. Most of the upper half of the market consists of several stalls that displayed products found in the farming RPG as well as some frog statues and benches in the center area. The player even added little signboards to indicate what kind of items possible visitors will be able to spot. The lower half of the area was turned into a cute outdoor cafe, which seemed to offer some drink options. And finally, the small lower right portion featured several benches where visitors could chill out after a day of shopping in the farmer’s market.

Turning the Quarry area into a farmer’s market seems like a novel idea, especially since it offers a nice blank space once cleared of regenerating rocks. Fellow Stardew Valley players on the Reddit thread talked about this, commenting that the original poster was able to stop the rocks from regenerating by laying down tiles on most of the Quarry’s open ground. Others thought the layout was clever, given how technically useless the area is once it has been cleared.

Given that there is an upcoming Stardew Valley 1.6 update, the player base will likely have renewed vigor for playing through the farming RPG again while waiting for the upcoming patch’s release date. Hopefully the developer ConcernedApe, or Eric Barone, will share more news about the upcoming content very soon.

Stardew Valley is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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