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Stardew Valley Player Gives Their Cellar a Cozy Makeover | Games Rants


  • Stardew Valley allows for customization in both farming and interior design, giving players the opportunity to create unique and cozy spaces like the cellar.
  • Some players, like BabyBlue79, choose to use their cellar for relaxation rather than for fermenting items, creating a cozy den complete with furniture, plants, and lighting fixtures.
  • While the game offers customization options, some fans have suggested that more items could be added to alleviate the need for repetitive designs, but the upcoming update promises to bring new items and more options.

Many Stardew Valley fans spend hours methodically laying out plans for their farms, but one player has instead focused their efforts on their cellar. The game offers a variety of customization options that encompass both the impressive Stardew Valley farming gameplay and often unexplored interior design opportunities.

First released in 2016, Stardew Valley immediately captivated players with its simple yet satisfying farming, mining, fishing, and crafting gameplay. Some Stardew Valley players may spend countless hours on productivity, but others prefer a more relaxing approach to the life-sim game.

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While many Stardew Valley fans do their best to optimize their harvests and productions, others choose a more laid back approach to the game. Player BabyBlue79 is one such fan, opting to design their cellar as a place of rest and relaxation. Rather than place down kegs and casks for fermenting wine or pickles, they instead chose to utilize the space as an adorably cozy den. Stone paving provides a finished look to the cellar floor, and bookcases line the wood-paneled walls. Several decorative rugs and a variety of potted plants bring a homey vibe while twin fish tanks add a bit of extra decor and life to the room. Armchairs and couches surround a pair of coffee tables, and twin sconce lighting fixtures add a warm light to this cozy Stardew Valley room.

Many fellow Stardew Valley players commented on the unconventional use of the cellar, noting how it was a surprisingly wholesome use of the space. The creator did note that they have a number of casks that they store elsewhere, but they wanted to try something new with the cellar. They also noted that they had to use paving stones instead of standard indoor flooring, and they were unable to add wallpaper to the walls. Even with the limitations on the cellar’s interior design, they were able to make an awesome Stardew Valley creation.

Stardew Valley continues to be one of the most popular farming life-sim video games of all time. Players have a variety of activities to choose from, and are given a large degree of customization for their character, farm, and home. That said, some fans have commented that more items could be added to the game to avoid reusing pieces over and over again to fill a room. Luckily, fans can remain hopeful as the new Stardew Valley update that the game’s creator has teased does promise to add new items and more. Until then, fans will no doubt continue to explore both the hardworking and laid back life paths that Stardew Valley has to offer.

Stardew Valley is available now on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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