Skyrim Player Discovers Door That Doesn’t Make Sense in College of Winterhold | Games Rants
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Skyrim Player Discovers Door That Doesn’t Make Sense in College of Winterhold | Games Rants


  • A Skyrim player has discovered a mysterious door in the College of Winterhold that doesn’t align with its expected destination.
  • The door leads to a College of Winterhold banner instead of the second floor.
  • This hidden detail has largely gone unnoticed since the game’s release, but it could indicate other environment inconsistencies in Skyrim.

A Skyrim player has discovered a door in the College of Winterhold that doesn’t make sense based on its position. There are many secrets to discover around Skyrim‘s open world map, and one player has made an interesting discovery after investing many hours into the game.

Each major Skyrim settlement offers various quests and can include player housing that can be customized. Among the areas that Skyrim players can call home are Markarth, Solitude, Whiterun, and Windhelm. The College of Winterhold also features a room dedicated to the player if they choose to pursue magic. Staying at the College of Winterhold allows magic-focused players to increase their stats in Skyrim‘s Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, and Restoration. Briefly ignoring these categories of magic, one gamer spotted an interesting detail about the key Skyrim location.

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Reddit user TheAlfredValentine recently shared a clip of their experiences observing some of the hidden spaces in the Skyrim mage college. The video begins with TheAlfredValentine going up one of the staircases in the main entrance to the College of Winterhold after 2,500 hours of game time. Climbing a flight of stairs to face a door, TheAlfredValentine then walks back downstairs to the main floor to highlight the fact that the door at the top of the stairs seems to lead to nothing. The high ceiling of the main floor shows no door on the part of the wall that it should have led to based on its positioning in the staircase.

Going beyond one attempt, TheAlfredValentine then enables a Skyrim console command that allows them to fly around the room. TheAlfredValentine then flies up the stairs and through the door to show that exiting the other side of it leads the player through a College of Winterhold banner rather than the second floor of the building. Should TheAlfredValentine interact with the door rather than phasing through it with the command, their character would be transported to the upper levels of the college. Because this Skyrim door doesn’t line up with where it should lead, there may be some developer tricks happening on the back end when players go through the door normally.

While this door doesn’t seem to match where it leads in Skyrim‘s College of Winterhold, this detail has mostly gone unnoticed since the game was released. Given that this door could represent a percentage of Skyrim environment inconsistencies, more like it may be spotted in the future.

Skyrim is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and some legacy consoles.

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