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PS Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass Add New Game With Rave Reviews | Games Rants


  • Sea of Stars, a highly-rated new game, has been added to Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus Extra, making it easily accessible for subscribers.
  • The game has received positive reviews and is compared to the classic JRPG Chrono Trigger.
  • While Sea of Stars is available on both platforms, it’s worth noting that PS Plus Essential and Xbox Game Pass Core subscribers can’t access the game.

Sea of Stars, a brand-new game that’s also one of the highest-rated new releases of the year, has officially joined the Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus Extra lineups as of today. While Xbox Game Pass adds day one games on a monthly basis, it’s rare for PS Plus Extra to feature day one games. It’s even rarer still for the same game to drop on both PS Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass as a day one release, but that’s exactly what’s happened with Sea of Stars.

Somehow, Sea of Stars has been made available on both PS Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass as a day one game. This should make it significantly easier for anyone interested in the game to give it a shot, as it can be played on PC, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox consoles for a subscription fee instead of purchasing the game outright. And if the reviews are any indication, PS Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass subscribers are definitely going to want to give Sea of Stars a shot.

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Sea of Stars currently has a 90 overall rating according to review aggregate site OpenCritic. Sea of Stars reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising it as a remarkable modern take on classic JRPG tropes. With Sea of Stars often compared to Chrono Trigger, it’s safe to say that fans of that classic Square Enix JRPG may be especially interested in trying out the new game through PS Plus Extra or Xbox Game Pass.


It’s worth pointing out that there are versions of PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass that do not have Sea of Stars. On the PlayStation Plus side of this, both PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers can play Sea of Stars, but the game is not available to those who are signed up for the PS Plus Essential tier. Likewise, most Xbox Game Pass tiers have Sea of Stars readily available as of today, but it won’t be part of the upcoming Xbox Game Pass Core subscription.

Xbox Game Pass Core is a new tier of Xbox Game Pass that’s being introduced in September. Xbox Game Pass Core is replacing Xbox Live Gold. It includes the benefits that were previously associated with Xbox Live Gold, minus the monthly free games, which have instead been replaced with a selection of titles from the main Xbox Game Pass library.

Speaking of September 2023, next month should be a big one for both Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus. The highly-anticipated Starfield is joining Xbox Game Pass in September, though Sony’s plans for PS Plus next month have yet to be revealed. It has been leaked that the 2022 Saints Row game will be a part of the free PS Plus games for September 2023, however.

Sea of Stars is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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