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Roblox: Peroxide is a game inspired by one of the best and most popular anime called Bleach. In this game, fans will have to master the combat system and defeat enemies. Also, the developers have made an interesting stat system so that players can constantly work and upgrade their characters. The game is really well-made, so it is only natural that gamers want to play it again and again. To improve the gaming experience, the developers have introduced codes that provide really valuable game rewards. Therefore, to make the game easier for users, this article will provide them with access to the latest relevant Roblox: Peroxide codes, as well as instructions on how to redeem them.

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Updated September 1, 2023, by Artur Novichenko: This article has been updated so that players can redeem the latest codes. Be sure to check back here every month to avoid missing out on any freebies. Also, this article includes a list of the best games similar to Peroxide, and tips and tricks for this game.

All Peroxide Codes

Roblox Peroxide Codes (1)

Below, players can find a full list of Peroxide codes:

Active Codes (September 2023)

  • ThxForFollowingTyDev10! – Enter this code to claim 30 Product Essence. (NEW)
  • HairRatsMatter155! – Enter this code to claim 20 Product Essence. (NEW)
  • 140kLikesNewContentSoon – Enter this code to claim 15 Product Essence. (NEW)
  • 40MVisits!!! – Enter this code to claim 10 Product Essence. (NEW)

Expired Codes (September 2023)

  • 80kLikesSorryForACStrikes
  • AmogusGrimaceShake
  • 60kLikesHiGuys
  • RELEASE!!!!
  • 10MVisits!
  • 50kLikesWowThatWasFast
  • 40kLikesRobloxAPICantHandle60k
  • 30kLikesThanksForSupportingUs
  • GrimaceAmongus
  • WAVE2!!!!!!!!!!
  • WatchLamaYT
  • WatchingLagotholis
  • CorgiDubs
  • WatchAdrianYT
  • WatchBok
  • SubToGhost
  • PMKilledPeroxide
  • Easter2023
  • RainbowAmongus
  • IWillStartReportingBugsAndAntiCheatBugsWithClips
  • LosNochesGetsSomething
  • SuperBalancingCode
  • Premium
  • Shutdownyomama
  • ArrancarMasksBroke
  • ClothingDummyAUIncident!
  • PeroxideWasNotKilledByDeepAgain!
  • CookieStopSellingInBedwars
  • AizenBeatsUlqCanonly
  • AsrIsStartingToHateBountyMedallion
  • MoreCodesYay
  • BountyChanges
  • AsrPlayedTheGame!
  • PeroxideKillerPart2
  • SorryFusionIsBusyPlayingDeepwoken
  • MilkChocolateUpdate
  • TimeGatesMakeMeLaugh
  • SorryForTheBugsWithTheBigUpdate!
  • 1MillionThankYou!
  • RobloxHatesUs
  • YIPEEspawnsfixed

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How To Redeem Codes In Peroxide

Roblox Peroxide Codes (2)

As with similar Roblox games, the process of redeeming codes in Peroxide is straightforward and does not require much knowledge. So, everything that is needed to get the desired reward is described below:

  • First, it is necessary to launch the Peroxide.
  • Then, if the fans enter the game for the first time, they need to go through the tutorial.
  • When the tutorial is completed, in the upper left part of the screen, find and click or tap the start button. It is located to the right of the chat button.
  • In the menu that appears, type or paste the code from above and press Enter.

That’s it, the reward will be credited automatically. It should be remembered that each code can be redeemed only once per account.

How to Get More Peroxide Codes

Roblox Peroxide Codes (3)

Fans can subscribe to the developer’s official Discord server to get new codes and news about the game. But, the best solution is to bookmark this article as it is updated every month and players can visit it to get more freebies.

Peroxide Tips and Tricks

Roblox Peroxide Codes (1)

Below, players will find some tips and tricks for Peroxide:

Shikai Unlocking

  • Reach level 15 as a Soul Reaper by completing quests on the board.
  • For additional Hollows to defeat, visit Wake Up Mundo. It will cost 200 in-game currency.
  • Enhance stats by going to the gym near Kisuke or using agility boards.
  • After reaching level 15, meditate to unlock the Shikai.
  • Achieve B rank to use Shikai infinitely.

Resurrection Unlocking

  • Resurrection is automatically unlocked at level 15.

Use Crystals

  • Collect time relics to purchase crystals, which will enhance abilities.
  • Crystals can grant additional effects to attacks, such as setting enemies on fire.

Optimizing Stat Builds

  • Focus on combat stats rather than support stats.
  • Players need to choose stats based on their desired playstyle, whether it’s a strength, vitality, or ability build.

The Best Roblox Anime Games Like Peroxide

Roblox Peroxide Codes

Each game is special in its own way and offers an interesting gaming experience. That is why it is always fun for players to try something new. And, for players who wish to try something fresh, below is a list of the 5 best anime games like Peroxide:

Roblox is available on PC, Mobile, and Xbox One.

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