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How to Get the Red Widow Armor | Games Rants

The Red Widow armor set is one of the two defensive suits Remnant 2 players can get in Yaesha. Like the rest of the biome-specific sets, this one has its own unique style supported by surprisingly rich lore regarding the Pan and their history as a civilization.

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Players who are looking for a reliable suit of medium armor can count on the Red Widow set to save their hair even on Remnant 2‘s hardest of difficulties. However, getting this set is no easy task. Apart from having a lot of luck, players are going to need to bring their wits with them as they try to raid one of the game’s most interesting dungeons.

Updated August 31st, 2023: Players who are looking to protect themselves against bleeding and blight in Remnant 2 will definitely want to get their hands on the Red Widow Armor. Unfortunately, the Red Widow Armor in Remnant 2 is a bit difficult as it’s well-hidden inside The Lament, a trap-filled dungeon that’s brimming with hazards. To better help players snag the Red Widow Armor in Remnant 2, the following guide has been updated and now includes a video.

How to Get the Red Widow Armor in Remnant 2

The main chamber of the Lament dungeon in Remnant 2

The Red Widow armor set is locked away inside the Lament, one of Yaesha’s most notorious dungeons. Instead of having overwhelming numbers of enemies or a scary boss waiting in the end, the main enemy players will be fighting here is the dungeon itself.

The Lament is filled to the brim with traps and obstacles. There are some combat encounters within but for the majority of the time, players are going to be solving puzzles and navigating through trapped corridors and obstacle courses. We have a complete guide for the Lament that covers how to overcome every challenge the dungeon has to throw.

Players will need to get to the sarcophagus inside the Lament’s main chamber. From the small checkpoint, look toward the collapsed pillar in one of the corners. Break the jars behind it and drop down the hidden hole on the ground.

Inactive buzzsaw traps in the Lament dungeon in Remnant 2

Next, go to the flooded end of the hallway and crouch down to get past the small gap in the wall. At the end of the tunnel is a key that opens the storage room. Go back to the main corridor, open the storage room using the key, and go through the hole in the wall. This leads to a hallway filled with buzzsaw traps. Sprint through it to reach the sarcophagus and claim the Red Widow Armor set.

This suit clocks in at 88 total Armor with 48 points of Weight. It is incredibly resistant to Bleed and Blight effects, but it offers no protection against Fire and Shock damage. If players free the Laemir inside the Root Nexus in the Forgotten Fields dungeon, he will share some lore about the Red Widows and their place in Pan society during and after the time of King Kolket. If players exhaust their dialogue, they will receive a new amulet.

Remnant 2 is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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