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Best Single-Player Mods For Quake 2 | Games Rants

The remaster of Quake 2 was celebrated by fans of this classic FPS, with many players loving the idea of diving into this legendary game once again. id Software is something of a household name in gaming, and this title played a massive part in letting players know about the company and how fun their games really are.

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Quake 2 was such a popular game that it enjoyed its fair share of unique and creative mods. While there’s still some time until the remaster reaches this level of modding excellence, there are still many fans who hope for both old and new mods to reign supreme in this legendary FPS once again.

5 Shotgun Reload Sound Timing Fix

Quake 2 Super Shotgun

When an old game is remastered, it’s only a given that most players are going to scrutinize it to kingdom come. Such is the case with Quake 2, with its remaster being largely praised across the board, barring a few odd changes here are there. One particular error that most fans have noticed is that the reloading sound of the shotgun is timed incorrectly.

This can be a rather small change for many, but players who play at high difficulties and rely on audio cues to maximize their efficiency in battle will definitely want this aspect of the game to be fixed so that they can play without having to worry about this ingrained error. It’s a simple mod, but one that fans would love if such small errors throw them off their game.

4 Full-Length Chaingun

Chaingun in Quake 2

The Chaingun is one of the most iconic weapons in Quake. Blasting foes with this powerful weapon makes for a great time that most fans won’t be able to get enough of. However, in the remaster, most fans have noticed that this weapon isn’t shown in its entirety. This is a shame since the weapon looks glorious and fires some bafflingly powerful shots that can take out the toughest foes with ease, but this isn’t reflected in its look.

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The issue has been cleared with this mod, allowing players to patch in a different version of the Railgun that both looks and feels the part! Tearing through enemies with this weapon becomes intensely satisfying with this minor change, showing just how well fans of this title understand the game and how it works.

3 Hypertrail

Hypertrail mod for Quake 2

Energy weapons can be tricky to get right in video games. While the unreal nature of this weapon allows players to go all out when it comes to developing the most ludicrous and over-the-top weapon design imaginable, there are times when these weapons just don’t feel great and end up seeming like nothing more than an afterthought.

However, it was clear that the developers at id Software were serious when it came to making this title’s gameplay feel as mechanically tight and awe-inspiring as possible. This led to the creation of the Hyperblaster, a rapid-fire energy gun that felt great in the hands of players who knew how to use this weapon properly. This mod makes the weapon even better by adding bullet trails to its shots, letting players see the trajectory of each energy projectile as it peppers enemies full of holes.

2 Railgun Damage 150

Railgun in Quake 2

One of the many weapons in Quake 2 that players simply won’t tire of using is the Railgun, a simple and great weapon that will shred most opponents to smithereens. In the original game, the damage of this weapon was 150 in single-player and 100 in multiplayer. With the release of the remaster, the damage has been changed to 100 in both versions. Suffice it to say, fans couldn’t stop complaining over a change that turned one of the best weapons into a slightly weaker version that wouldn’t see as much use as before.

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So, it’s only a given that fans would be hard at work trying to revert these damage numbers back to normal so that long-time players can use the Railgun in single-player without worrying about nerfing themselves with a low-damage weapon. It may be a simple change, but there are many players who find this increase in damage to be downright crucial if they want to enjoy the gameplay.

1 Quake 2 Unmaster Mod

Quake 2 Remaster shooting enemies

The remaster of Quake 2 is something that fans would obviously love. After all, who doesn’t want to play through a beloved classic with updated visuals? There are many titles in the modern era of gaming that are receiving the same treatment, and seeing a beloved shooter like Quake 2 get this attention is delightful for fans of this classic game. However, gaming is also about being inclusive to as many needs as possible, and there are players who laud some elements of this remaster while not being a huge fan of the others.

While this mod is called an Unmaster, it actually gives players a veritable truckload of options to make Quake 2 as perfect as possible. There are so many things to tinker around with after this mod that players may find it hard to wrap their heads around it, but the end result is definitely worthwhile.

Quake 2 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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