Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Teal Mask DLC Reveals New TMs, Customization Options, and More | Games Rants
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Teal Mask DLC Reveals New TMs, Customization Options, and More | Games Rants


  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s upcoming DLC, The Teal Mask, will introduce new gameplay elements, including new TMs like Burning Jealousy and Grassy Glide.
  • The Teal Mask DLC will feature a mini-game called Scarlet and Violet Ogre Oustin’, where players can earn rewards like Mochi and Tera Shards.
  • Players will have new customization options, such as clothing, hairstyles, and picnic supplies, as well as the ability to rearrange picnic chairs at the picnic table in the DLC.

New details about additional gameplay elements and features have been revealed for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s upcoming DLC, The Teal Mask. With only a short time until the first half of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC releases to the public, it seems like the right time for the development team to go into more detail about what new content players can expect.

Ever since it was announced that the game would be releasing two DLCs post-launch, the game’s player base has been scouring all sources to know more. This explains the abundance of rumors and leaks about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s DLC that the community can find online, even though many of them have not been officially confirmed by the devs. However, as the DLC release date draws nearer, The Pokemon Company seems to be keen on sharing new information about the upcoming content, giving sneak previews to credible media outlets in order to break the news to the fan base.

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In a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet article by Japanese magazine Famitsu, the devs revealed new features and elements that players should expect from The Teal Mask DLC. One of the major reveals includes a list of new TMs being added into the game such as Burning Jealousy, Grassy Glide, Lash Out, Poltergeist and Toxic. Details about the new Scarlet and Violet Ogre Oustin’ mini-game were also revealed, and players can expect rewards like Mochi and Tera Shards when they win the game. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced difficulty levels can be chosen when playing the mini-game, and fans can play with others to complete them.

For Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players who enjoy taking photos with the Roto-Stick, an option to select a song to play while taking photos will become available. These songs can make Pokemon react, which is great for taking unique pictures. These Photos can also be shared with friends when connected in a Union Circle. New customization options such as clothing, hairstyles, and picnic supplies will be available in The Teal Mask DLC, and new items like the EXP charm will be added into the content as well. The DLC will also allow picnic chairs to be rearranged at the picnic table.

All of these new details about the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Teal Mask DLC is probably just the tip of the iceberg of what players can expect. If The Pokemon Company does not reveal more before the DLC’s release date, it is likely to keep the players guessing, and save the best surprises for last.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Switch.

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Source: NintendoSoup, Serebii.net

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