Pokemon Fan Makes Incredible Picture of Pikachu out of 2,400 Rubik’s Cubes | Games Rants
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Pokemon Fan Makes Incredible Picture of Pikachu out of 2,400 Rubik’s Cubes | Games Rants


  • Pokemon fan creates giant Pikachu artwork using 2,400 Rubik’s Cubes – a unique and impressive way to celebrate their favorite pocket monster.
  • The pixel art-like appearance of the image fits the aesthetic of the older games in the franchise, adding nostalgic appeal.
  • Creating the artwork involved spending around 3-4 hours twisting Rubik’s Cubes and removing stickers to achieve the right colors and details, showcasing the artist’s dedication and creativity.

Pokemon fans will likely be impressed to see a new artwork of Pikachu that was created using thousands of Rubik’s Cubes. The feat took a considerable amount of effort, but the results are well worth the time and energy spent.

Pokemon fans never seem to stop finding unique ways to celebrate their favorite pocket monsters. Traditional 2D art mediums are of course popular, but many look beyond pen and paper or even a digital canvas to bring their favorites to life. Gamers have used 3D printing, ceramics, and even stained glass as the foundation of their fanart in the past.

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Now, Reddit user and Pokemon fan Trey_Eilers has shared their creation of a giant Pikachu made entirely out of Rubik’s Cubes. In total, 2,400 Rubik’s Cubes were utilized to create a piece of art that looks to be about five feet tall. Due to using Rubik’s Cubes, the image has a pixel art-like appearance to it, which fits the aesthetic and designs in the older games in the franchise.

The Pikachu Rubik’s Cube art has drawn plenty of attention from fans, who are quite impressed at the feat and wanted to know more. Trey_Eilers explained that the first step is to create the image on a computer to get a rough idea of what the design will look like and how many Rubik’s Cubes will be needed. They then spent around 3-4 hours twisting the Rubik’s Cubes to get the right colors on each one, before putting it all together into one coherent image. Rubik’s Cubes don’t typically come with black squares, but by removing the colored stickers, a black outline or black details for parts like Pikachu’s ears and tail can be achieved.

This is far from the first Rubik’s Cube artwork that Trey_Eilers has created, as they noted that they actually own over 10,000 Rubik’s Cubes and this was one of the easier projects they’ve worked on. Interestingly, while creating any kind of art out of Rubik’s Cubes might strike some as unusual, the same medium was actually used to create another piece of Pikachu fanart in recent history. However, that piece was smaller, using 800 Rubik’s Cubes to build Pikachu. Considering what Trey_Eilers was able to accomplish with under 3,000 Rubik’s Cubes, some fans may be curious as to what a Pikachu could look like with the full 10,000 that they own.

When it comes to creating fanart, the sky is the limit. With Pokemon having maintained its popularity over the decades, chances are fans will continue to find new and intriguing mediums for their Pokemon artwork.

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