A Lot of Pokemon GO Players Are Still Stuck on Zygarde Special Research | Games Rants
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A Lot of Pokemon GO Players Are Still Stuck on Zygarde Special Research | Games Rants


  • Many Pokemon Go players are struggling to complete the Zygarde Special Research due to not knowing the requirements or living in less populated areas.
  • The fourth step of the research requires following three routes, catching 20 Pokemon on said routes, and finding a Zygarde Cell, which is proving difficult for many players.
  • Routes are scarce and not available to all players, causing frustration for those unable to find them. Waiting for more routes to be created may be the best option.

Despite the new Zygarde Special Research being out for weeks now, many Pokemon Go players are still stuck trying to complete it. Some people are stuck because they’re not sure what’s required to finish the research, while other Pokemon Go players are unable to progress due to living in a less populated area of the world.

Recently, Niantic rolled out a new mechanic in Pokemon Go called Routes which allows players to collect rewards while walking a set path. To celebrate this new feature, a special research called “From A to Zygarde” was released to the public. The first three steps were relatively easy, asking players to make five great throws, catch ten Pokemon, and complete some other quick tasks.

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However, the fourth step to this special research has become a stopping point for many Pokemon Go players hoping to evolve Zygarde. Step four involves following three routes, catching 20 Pokemon while walking routes and finding a Zygarde Cell. Reddit user JananayBanana asked the Pokemon Go community if anyone else was stuck on this step, and it appears that many players are.

When it comes to finding routes, a lot of the comments in the post mentioned that there were no routes anywhere near them. Some players are allowed to create Routes in Pokemon Go, but only a special few are allowed to do this. Some commenters mentioned that they lived in a city and are fine finding routes. At the same time, others are giving up completely due to a lack of Routes in their area or news about fixing the problem.

The other major problem with completing this special research is finding even a single Zygarde Cell. A Zygarde cell is a four-point green sparkle that can be found on the ground while walking a route. The issue is, it’s very rare for one of these cells to pop up. One commenter claimed that they walked a route by their office eleven times and finally found one on the last round. Others claim to have run countless Routes and say they’ve come up empty. Another commenter mentioned that they tried closing and reopening the app a few times, which helped produce a cell for them. They also mentioned that this trick is not guaranteed.

Zygarde Cell in Pokemon Go

Routes are brand new in Pokemon Go, so it may be best for players to wait things out and hope that Niantic lets more players create them. It’s also understandable why so many players are frustrated about the situation, like Reddit user RapidEnding, who mentioned that they lived in New Zealand where the population is five million. At this rate, it may be a long time before they find any routes near them.

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile.

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