Pokemon GO Players Think They’ve Figured Out the ‘Secret’ to Finding Zygarde Cells | Games Rants
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Pokemon GO Players Think They’ve Figured Out the ‘Secret’ to Finding Zygarde Cells | Games Rants


  • Finding Zygarde Cells in Pokemon GO has been difficult and frustrating for players.
  • One player discovered that restarting the game seems to make it easier to find Zygarde Cells.
  • Niantic is aware of the issues with Zygarde Cells and Routes and is working on a fix to improve the experience.

A Pokemon GO player has shared the “secret” to finding Zygarde Cells, an item that has been causing players headaches. Pokemon GO frequently introduces new mechanics to keep players engaged. However, the arrival of new features in Pokemon GO sometimes brings new problems for players.

That’s the case with Zygarde, one of the latest Legendary Pokemon added to Niantic’s game. Zygarde debuted in Pokemon GO with an event that also celebrated the introduction of Routes. Players who took part in the event got Special Research to catch Zygarde in its 10% Forme, in which the Pokemon’s appearance resembles a dog. To get all Zygarde’s forms, Pokemon GO players must first collect Zygarde Cells. Getting Zygarde Cells hasn’t been easy, but one Pokemon GO player has now shared a golden tip that may help their fellow players.

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Reddit user dare978devil discovered that to find Zygarde Cells, it seems all Pokemon GO players need to do is restart the game. Exploring Pokemon GO Routes is the only way to get Zygarde Cells, which the player and their son were doing at the time of the discovery. The player’s app crashed and restarted, and when they resumed the Route, they found a cell next to them. Their son then repeated the process twice even though their game hadn’t crashed, and got a Zygarde Cell on the second attempt. The next day they explored two more Routes and stopped with 75 meters to go, restarted the game a few times, and found six Zygarde Cells in a row. Now the duo is making 75-meter restarts to find Zygarde Cells, or at least until the cells appear without the need for restarts. The reaction to the post suggests that this method has worked for other Pokemon GO players, but mileage may vary.

The appearance of Zygarde Cells tied to Pokemon GO Routes is proving to be a nightmare for the community, to the point that many players are still stuck on the Zygarde Special Research. The difficulty in getting Zygarde Cells has led to growing frustration with Pokemon GO Routes, a feeling shared by the comments on dare978devil’s post. Several players have complained about the difficulty of finding Routes. Players have also reported a series of glitches happening with Pokemon GO Routes.

Although the problems with obtaining Zygarde Cells and the glitches caused by Routes still wait for a solution, Niantic is aware of both situations. The studio has revealed that it is working on a fix for the Routes issues, something that may also be impacting the chances of finding Zygarde Cells. Pokemon GO players can only wait for this fix and hope that it really improves the experience with both features.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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