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Pokemon GO: Can Tentacool Be Shiny? | Games Rants

Tentacool is a pretty neat Pokemon that many might not think much about, but it evolves into a Tentacruel, which is even ten times cooler. Pokemon GO has hosted a spotlight hour for Tentacool, but it can also be caught in the wild if it spawns around the player.

Pokemon GO has the same fun feature that many of the mainline games do, which is where players can hunt Shiny Pokemon. However, it does work a bit differently in the mobile game than it does in titles for consoles; while they do spawn randomly from time to time, players will mainly want to participate in Community Days or Spotlight Hours when a certain Pokemon is included in it. This will make the chances of obtaining a Shiny even better.

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How To Get A Shiny Tentacool In Pokemon GO


Tentacool can be Shiny in Pokemon GO, with a 1 in 500 chance on a regular day of finding one out in the wild. Tentacool’s Shiny variant is light purple with green spots, which is quite different from the normal version’s light blue body and red spots.

During events like the Spotlight Hour or the Community Day, players will have a bigger chance of getting a Shiny version of Tentacool, as they spawn more often than on a normal day, but it is still possible to find one even then. Tentacool’s Shiny can also be evolved into its other evolutions as well.

What Does Tentacool Evolve Into?


Tentacool is already a pretty funny-looking Pokemon in Pokemon GO, but it gets an even meaner and more powerful look once it evolves into Tentacruel. Players can evolve the Pokemon as long as they have 50 of its candies, which is pretty cheap considering the cost of other Pokemon.

For those that need more candies, if they already have a bunch of Tentacools as is, they can transfer them to the professor, which will grant them a couple of candies, or they can take the Pokemon on a walk, which is also known as “exploring together.” As players walk around with their Pokemon, it will reward them with its candies, which makes for one of the fastest ways to acquire some.

Shinies are available for both Tentacool and Tentacruel. The Pokemon is a water and poison type; therefore, it has some pretty cool moves and attacks for players to make use of while in combat.

Pokemon GO is available on mobile devices.

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