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Pokemon GO Players Aren’t Happy With Great Storage Box | Games Rants


  • Pokemon GO players are frustrated with the new Great Storage Box in the game, as it doesn’t provide any additional storage capacity despite its name.
  • Despite the controversy surrounding microtransactions in gaming, most players of Pokemon GO have no issue with them and support the game’s free-to-play model.
  • While the Great Storage Box may not offer more storage, it is actually a good deal in terms of the individual items it includes, providing players with an overall discount on items they would normally purchase separately.

A new addition to the Pokemon GO store called the “Great Storage Box” is making a lot of the game’s player base fairly unhappy due to its functionality. The Pokemon GO fanbase has been unhappy with the state of the game for some time, and strange additions like this only fuel a wave of largely negative sentiment currently coming from fans.

Microtransactions have become an expected, although still somewhat controversial, part of the gaming industry. Gamers have a kind of love/hate relationship with them, and many see them as a nuisance despite the success of microtransactions showcasing that those same gamers will also begrudgingly support if the content is right. Since Pokemon GO is a free to play mobile game, it is supported by the microtransaction model, something that most players of the game have no problems with. However, a recent and pricey addition to the Pokemon GO store has outraged many fans.

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The new addition to the Pokemon GO is called the Great Storage Box, and its name is frustratingly not so indicative of what’s inside. For 675 PokeCoins, Great Storage Box owners will receive three premium battle passes, one Super Incubator, and a single Pokemon Storage upgrade. Many players on the Pokemon GO subreddit took issue with the fact that, despite the name being Great Storage Box, the box won’t actually upgrade the player’s storage any more than a regular Pokemon Storage upgrade will.

However, the Great Storage Box isn’t actually such a bad deal when breaking down the price of each individual item. A single Super Incubator costs 200 PokeCoins, a Pokemon Storage upgrade is 200 PokeCoins, and a premium battle pass is 100 PokeCoins. In total, that means the Great Storage Box is offering 900 PokeCoins worth of items for only 675. To purchase it, players either need to pay $9.99 for 1200 PokeCoins or there’s always the possibility of gradually building PokeCoins while playing Pokemon GO. Really, the main issue seems to be in the name, since the primary item, and the one which gets the biggest discount, is definitely the Super Incubator. The user Arielast on Reddit writes, “Probably expect it to be a 4 or 5 storage upgrade bundle but nope.”

Pokemon storage can be a pretty big deal in Pokemon GO and something that many players are consistently struggling to manage. As the number of Pokemon within the game increases, the amount of room players have continually decreases, making Pokemon Storage upgrades a fairly important item. A bundle that gave multiple storage upgrades for a discounted price definitely would have been appreciated. Hopefully, Niantic will drop one in the store sometime in the future.

Pokemon GO is available on mobile now.

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