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How to Get Raid Passes | Games Rants

Pokemon GO is constantly being updated, and its functionality is increasing. Raids are one of these features, and many players liked them because they made the game more community-oriented. Here, fans will learn about Raid Passes, items that make attending these raids possible. Foremost, gamers will get valuable information on how Raid Passes can be acquired, and then they will learn how to use them.

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How to Get Raid Passes in Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO How to Get Raid Passes

The process of obtaining Raid Passes in Pokemon GO is not very complicated, but it can be hard to figure out initially. So, Raid Passes are divided into 3 types:

  • Raid Pass
  • Remote Raid Pass
  • Premium Battle Pass

There used to be a type 4 in the game, but it was removed, and the coaches will find out why later. Each of these passes is unique and has its own properties. It is also worth knowing that gamers cannot store more than 1 Raid Pass or 3 Remote Raid Passes in their inventory. Therefore, if trainers want to participate in more than 1 raid per day, they will most likely have to buy these passes in the game store. Below, players will find a detailed explanation of how to get each of these items.

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Raid Pass

Pokemon GO How to Get Raid Passes

This is the simplest pass, and its advantage is that it is the easiest to get. It is suitable for players who do not want to farm for a long time or pay real money. Raid Passes, as well as access to Gyms, are available only from level 5.

Photo Disc at a Gym

The easiest way to get the Raid Pass is to simply spin the Photo Disc at a Gym. Just walking around the city, fans can launch the game and find a Gym. This method is good because, in addition to the Raid Pass, gamers will be able to get other items. It is worth noting that this method of acquiring a Raid Pass can be used only once per day.

Special Research

Some Special Research tasks or quest lines may reward players with a free Raid Pass upon completion.


During certain Pokemon GO events, the game might offer free Raid Passes as rewards or bonuses.

Remote Raid Pass

Pokemon GO How to Get Raid Passes

A Remote Raid Pass is a premium item, which is a bit more difficult to obtain. But its cool feature is that it doesn’t require players to go to a Gym in order for it to be used. With a Remote Raid Pass, fans can take part in raids many miles away, which makes it a pretty useful item to have.


Players can purchase Remote Raid Passes from the in-game shop using PokeCoins, which is the game’s premium currency obtained with real money or for defending Gyms. The cost may vary depending on fans’ country and the available bundles.

Special Research and Events

Just like the regular Raid Pass, the Remote Raid Pass can be obtained from Special Research tasks and some events.

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Premium Battle Pass

Pokemon GO How to Get Raid Passes

The peculiarity of the Premium Battle Pass is trainers can store an infinite number of them. This will be very useful if the trainer’s goal is to get 100% of the desired Pokemon from a raid or just to participate in as many raids as they can.


This item can be purchased in the Shop for PokeCoins.

Special Research

Premium Battle Passes can rarely be obtained by completing Special Research tasks.

EX Raid Pass

There used to be a 4th type of this item in the game, called EX Raid Pass. It was a pretty interesting item that was required to participate in invite-only Exclusive Raids. However, the developers removed this item from the game.

How to Use Raid Passes

Pokemon GO How to Get Raid Passes

Raid Passes are needed to participate in raids. With their help, after defeating a Pokemon boss, trainers will have a chance to catch it. These are very strong or legendary Pokemon that are often worthy of attention. But players should always keep their maximum capacity of Pokemon storage in mind so that they are able to collect more.

Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android.

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