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How to get Shiny Unown M | Games Rants

Pokemon GO releases multiple monsters and distinct Shiny variants as rewards for major events. The Unown variants are some of the game’s most mysterious and elusive catches. The latest Global Fest 2023 debuts Shiny Unown M, and collectors are flocking to get their hands on it.

Unown falls under some of the rarest catches, and encountering its Shiny variants is scarce. The Symbol monster has multiple forms, including the letters A to Z and symbols like questions and exclamation marks. Catching different forms of Unown grants different Pokemon GO medals: Silver at 10 forms, Gold at 26. The medal doesn’t affect Unown encounters, but a platinum Psychic medal can enhance catch rates due to its Psychic typing. The Unown variants are tough to come by in the wild, but the developers at Niantic regularly feature them in events.

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How to get Shiny Unown M in Pokemon GO

Get Shiny Unown M in Pokemon GO

The Global Fest 2023 featured some elusive Unown variants as wild spawns. Global Fest 2023 ticket holders could utilize Pokemon GO Incense to attract and capture habitat-themed monsters, including various Unown forms. The Global event also marked the worldwide debut of Shiny Unown M. But getting a Shiny Unown M is challenging; its status as a wild spawn doesn’t help much. The Unown variant might be a wild spawn, but the Shiny odd is tough to catch up.

Niantic also features Unown variants in Pokemon GO raids, and defeating the boss offers a Shiny encounter. One should know that raid Shiny encounters are not guaranteed, and the Unown M variant has yet to come as a raid boss.

All Unown and Shiny Unown variants in the Pokemon GO Global Fest 2023

Unown variants

Shiny Availability

Unown A

Shiny Available

Unown D

Shiny Available

Unown I

Shiny Available

Unown M

Shiny Available

Unown N

Shiny Available

Unown O

Shiny Available

The Psychic-typing of Unown provides a hint for boosting its wild spawn rates. The higher the spawn rate, the faster players catch up to its Shiny spawn rate. One can use several Pokemon GO items and the weather boost function to increase its Shiny odds.

Since the Symbol Pokemon’s spawn rate increases in windy weather, one can utilize this weather condition to hunt its Shiny variant. Attach a Lure Module to a PokeStop or Pokemon GO Gym with windy weather conditions, activate an Incense, and walk around the area.

This method works well when Unown is a featured monster in an event; the already increased spawn rate gets a further boost with this strategy. Players must encounter multiple Unown M or other variants and catch up to their Shiny odds.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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