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Can You Trade Shadow Pokemon? | Games Rants

Shadow Pokemon made their debut in Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness. However, players have since sought simpler methods to add them to their Pokedexes.

With the introduction of trading in Pokemon GO, players are wondering if it’s now possible to trade Shadow Pokemon. If so, can the trading system be exploited to obtain more Hundos Pokemon?

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Shadow Pokemon Trading in Pokemon GO


Unfortunately, in Pokemon GO, Trainers cannot trade Shadow Pokemon. Since July 2019, Niantic’s trading rules have banned the exchange of Shadow-type creatures in any trade. Additionally, transfers to Pokemon HOME for Shadow Pokemon are also not permitted.

The ban on Shadow Pokemon trades was implemented in response to players exploiting the feature. Due to the ease of obtaining perfect IV (hundo) Pokemon by trading and purifying Shadow types, certain Trainers gained an unfair advantage. To address this issue, the ban was imposed to ensure a more balanced gameplay experience.

Will Shadow Pokemon Trading Return to Pokemon GO

Shadow Sneasel Weakness in Pokemon GO

The reintroduction of Shadow trading in Pokemon GO is highly unlikely. This decision is rooted in the negative impact Shadow exchanges have on game balance for players. Including this feature would enable Trainers to effortlessly acquire perfect Pokemon, undermining the intended gameplay experience of Pokemon GO, which emphasizes the need for effort and grinding.

How to Trade Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon GO

pokemon go how to catch and purify shadow pokemon

Currently, the only way to trade a Shadow Pokemon is by purifying it. To make a particular creature eligible for trading, players must first remove the Shadow effect. Consequently, the Pokemon will lose its Shadow-related advantages and will no longer qualify for Lucky Trades.

A purified Pokemon has a higher appraisal and requires fewer Candies to evolve or Power Up. But it also loses the 20% extra damage as well as the -20% defense effect upon purification.

How to Get Shadow Pokemon Without Trading


Shadow Raids are an excellent way of catching Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon GO. During August, players will be able to defeat 1-, 3-, and 5-Star Shadow-types at Gyms for a chance to obtain them after the Raids. Players can also complete the Giovanni questline or use the Super Rocket Radar to find and beat Team GO Rocket grunts to acquire their Shadow Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is available now for mobile devices.

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