Pokemon Fan Creates Paradox Forms for Aggron and Lairon | Games Rants
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Pokemon Fan Creates Paradox Forms for Aggron and Lairon | Games Rants


  • A Pokemon fan has created new Paradox forms for Lairon and Aggron, giving them different features and element types.
  • The fan’s design concepts received positive feedback on Reddit, with compliments on their creativity and attention to detail.
  • The artist has previously created other original designs and is likely to continue producing fan art for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in the future.

Another Pokemon fan has recently created design concepts of Paradox forms for the Steel/Rock-type Lairon and its evolution Aggron. The fan gives the Gen 3 pocket monsters a makeover, switching around their element and giving them different features in order to make the new versions fit better into the universe of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Many players are probably very excited about the nearing the release date of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s first DLC The Teal Mask. Even though the devs have been providing new information every so often, social media and online platforms are still full of leaks and rumors, continuously igniting the interest of the fan base. And with new Paradox forms being introduced into the DLC, it is not surprising for creative players to be churning out more of their original concepts, especially if the Pokemon they are featuring are not part of the base game or the upcoming expansions.

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On Reddit, user Wingus_the_Dingus posted a photo of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paradox Pokemon fan art they made of Lairon and Aggron. Both pocket creatures still look similar to their original versions, with Lairon still standing on four legs and Aggron on two. The artist named their version of Lairon “Craggy Spine,” making it a Rock/Fighting-type and replacing its metal features with skeletal-looking ones. They also added sharp spikes to its spine, as indicated by the Pokemon’s new name. With Aggron, the artist named it “Iron Dynamo,” changing its type to Steel/Electric, giving it a more robotic appearance, and adding glowing electric features to its body.

The artist also posted short flavor text describing the features and personalities of Craggy Spine and Iron Dynamo as if they came from the game’s Pokedex. Any Pokemon fan will probably enjoy reading through the description as it gives them more detail about Wingus_the_Dingus’ design concepts. Comments on the Reddit thread complimented the artist’s work, expressing their love for the artist’s Paradox form of Lairon and Aggron. One commented that Iron Dynamo’s shift to being Steel/Electric gave it quadruple weakness to Ground, and another made a Pokemon TCG card making fun of Aggron’s incredible elemental weakness.

This particular fan has already created several original design concepts already, so it is likely they will produce some fan art of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paradox forms more in the future. Given the community’s reception to their work, they will probably receive the same kind of positivity and encouragement from their fellow Pokemon fans when they choose to post their work online again.

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