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Pokemon Fan Designs Paradox Form for Breloom | Games Rants


  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced Paradox forms, leading to an influx of fan art including a creative design for Breloom.
  • The artist based their design on the Pachycephalosaurus, aligning Breloom’s physical characteristics with the real-life dinosaur.
  • With a limited number of Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, fans are likely to continue creating their own design concepts for various pocket creatures in the future.

A dedicated Pokemon fan has re-imagined what Gen 3’s Breloom would look like if it had a Paradox form in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Many of the franchise’s fans have made Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paradox form fan art ever since the game was launched, and the Grass/Fighting pocket creature seems to be another one added to the ever-growing roster of fan-made pieces.

The moment Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced Paradox forms, the fan base seemed to have already expected that its most creative members would start making fan art of these special versions. When the Tera forms arrived later on, more fuel was added to the fire, and these forms also served as inspiration for Pokemon artists. This explains why a lot of social media and online thread posts are filled with fan art about Tera and Paradox forms, and probably why another player was encouraged to make this specific piece on Breloom.

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Showing off their Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ancient Paradox form for Breloom, an artist named Kells posted an image of their fan art on both their Twitter and Reddit accounts. In the fan-made design, the Pokemon retains most of its shape and coloring, but its green features have been turned violet and purple to go with its name of “Violent Spikes.” Kells also added a bit of flavor text, depicting the past Paradox form’s type as Poison/Grass, and sharing its behavior and personality traits. Violent Spikes is said to live in packs, grows poisonous nuts that only the pocket creature can consume, and uses its spiked skull when fighting against enemies.

According to the artist, they based their design after the real-life dinosaur Pachycephalosaurus, a bipedal, small-armed creature known to have a thick and slightly domed skull roof. This makes sense given that the Pokemon Breloom is a bipedal creature with small arms and has a large mushroom on its head. Fellow Pokemon fans on both Twitter and Reddit thought Kells’ concept was a fantastic idea. One even shared that Breloom was one of their favorite pocket creatures, and they enjoyed seeing the fan art of the Grass/Fighting-type.

Given how selective the roster of Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet is, it is not surprising for fans to continue making their own design concepts for other pocket creatures. And with there being so many Pokemon in the universal Pokedex, the Pokemon community will probably see more of these fan-made art pieces in the future.

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