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Pokemon Fan Creates Impressive Painting of Umbreon | Games Rants


  • Talented Pokemon fan creates stunning painting of fan-favorite Umbreon, catching the attention of the Pokemon community.
  • Umbreon is a Dark-type Pokemon that evolves from Eevee and is loved by many fans as one of the eight Eeveelutions.
  • The painting depicts Umbreon in a moonlit night, showcasing the artist’s attention to detail and creating a breathtaking work of art.

A talented Pokemon fan has shown off their remarkable artistic skills by creating an incredible painting of the fan-favorite Eeveelution Umbreon. The striking painting has seemingly caught the eye of the Pokemon fan community at large, with the post amassing hundreds upon hundreds of likes within just hours of being posted.

Introduced as part of the Pokemon franchise’s second generation, Umbreon is a Dark-type Pokemon which evolves from Eevee when leveled up with high friendship during the night. Often mentioned as the favorite among many Pokemon fans, Umbreon is one of the eight possible Eeveelutions Eevee is able to evolve into, along with Sylveon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Leafeon and Glaceon. The distinct, diverse forms Eevee can take in general are fan-favorites, with one fan paying homage to them all by getting an entire Eeveelutions tattoo sleeve recently.

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The incredible Umbreon painting comes by way of Reddit user Darcyhw, who posted their awe-inspiring artwork to one of the site’s primary Pokemon forums. The image depicts Umbreon sitting in the moonlight in what looks to be a cold, crisp night with virtually clear skies. The painting shows what looks like the edge of a forest, bathed in the pale blue light only the moon can provide, with misty trees off towards the right in the distance. Subtle shading and other details – along with Umbreon’s glow on the cliff – help to create quite the breathtaking, almost ethereal work.

Pokemon fans who have commented on the Umbreon painting appear to be of similar opinion, with nothing but compliments occupying the post. While the Umbreon is undoubtedly impressive, it actually isn’t the first Eeveelution painting from this particular artist. Several days ago, Darcyhw created an incredible painting of Jolteon in a similar fashion. Rather than focus on the Pokemon itself, the artist seems to focus on a grand-scale environment, perfectly tailored to the subject’s typing.

The dazzling Umbreon artwork is the latest in a spike of fan-made art of the Dark-type. Another fan made headlines recently for their own painting of Umbreon, which is done in a much different style than the one featured above, focusing everything on Umbreon rather than the environment.

Pokemon fans have also gone beyond the usual drawings or paintings, crafting an Umbreon pull-apart rug which features the Pokemon sitting inside an aptly-chosen Moon Ball. While it seems like Generation 9 won’t have a new Eeveelution, the eight Pokemon remain as popular as ever.

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