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Pokemon Fan Creates Future Paradox Forms for Aipom and Meganium | Games Rants


  • A dedicated Pokemon fan created futuristic Paradox forms for Aipom and Meganium, staying true to the visual style of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
  • The fan-made designs, named Iron Arms and Iron Neck, retain the original features of the Pokemon while incorporating high-tech metallic elements.
  • The artist, known as HertzBurst, has previously created impressive Paradox forms for other Pokemon, like Flygon, and the upcoming DLC will likely inspire more fan-made designs.

A particularly dedicated and artistically talented Pokemon fan has come up with a pair of future Paradox form concepts for Aipom and Meganium. The impressive renderings of the high-tech robotic versions of the classic Pokemon appear to be right in line with their established visual style in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and are catching the attention of quite a few Pokemon fans.

Both of the selected characters were introduced as part of Pokemon‘s second generation. Aipom is a simian Normal-type Pokemon easily identifiable by its purple fur and tail with a three-fingered hand at the end, while Meganium is a Grass-type resembling a green sauropod dinosaur, and the final evolution of fan-favorite Chikorita. While both were omitted from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at launch, Aipom, Chikorita, and a bevy of past starters will return with the upcoming The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC.

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The impressive pair of fan-made future Paradox forms comes from a Reddit user with the handle of HertzBurst, who posted a series of pictures of the creation to one of the site’s major Pokemon forums. The first viewable art is the Aipom, renamed to Iron Arms, which features a metallic purple body while keeping all of Aipom’s features intact, save for the digitization of the eyes and mouth. The design appears to borrow from Aipom’s evolved form, Ambipom, featuring four tail-hands instead of two. A secondary environmental photo shows off Iron Arms’ glowing components.

Meganium’s future Paradox form is retitled Iron Neck. Similar to Iron Arms, Iron Neck retains virtually all the features as its standard counterpart, but given a high-tech metallic sheen. The design does take a few creative liberties however, particularly with the Pokemon’s neck flower petals, which have been given a geometric shape and a solid pink coloring. The artist interestingly replaces most of the yellow-colored components with the pink, and adds subtle yellow markings to the Paradox Pokemon’s neck. The design is a departure from usual fan art of the Pokemon, which are usually Meganium Mega Evolution concepts.

While the pair of future Paradox Pokemon certainly appear to be impressing Pokemon fans, they’re just the latest ideas from the prolific artist, who has now come up with quite a few of them. Just last week, the same artist made headlines for their impressive future Paradox form of Flygon. The fan-favorite dual-type Ground/Dragon Pokemon was given the futuristic treatment with its goggle-like eyes and angular wings lending itself to the design aesthetic, resulting in hundreds of upvotes.

With so many different new and old Pokemon set to arrive via DLC in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, fans will be exposed to literally hundreds of additional Pokemon, which will almost undoubtedly lead to the creation of more fan-made Paradox forms in the future.

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