Pokemon Fan Designs Ancient and Future Paradox Forms for Ditto | Games Rants
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Pokemon Fan Designs Ancient and Future Paradox Forms for Ditto | Games Rants


  • A Pokemon fan created unique Paradox Forms for Ditto, drawing inspiration from its beta evolution and holograms.
  • The Paradox Forms turn Ditto into a Normal/Rock-Type and Normal/Electric-Type, with significant size and weight increase.
  • Ditto’s lack of evolution or unique forms is likely due to its transformation ability, but it remains valuable to players as it is.

A creative Pokemon fan has put together their idea of what Ditto’s Ancient and Future Paradox Forms could look like in fanart. The creation draws inspiration from an interesting source and has drawn the attention of fellow Pokemon players online.

Ditto has always been unique in the Pokemon series for its ability to copy and transform into any other Pokemon. However, over time, it’s perhaps become even more unusual in that it still lacks any evolutions. Given that Ditto’s main purpose in the games is to transform into other pocket monsters and is often utilized for breeding, it’s probably not high on the list of Pokemon likely to get new Paradox Forms in the near future. However, Pokemon fans can always fill in the gaps with a little creativity and imagination.

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That’s what Reddit user HertzBurst did when they designed Paradox Forms for Ditto and shared them with the world. Ditto received an Ancient Paradox Form called Mimic Spike and a Future Form called Iron Replica. The two forms turn Ditto into a Normal/Rock-Type and Normal/Electric-Type, respectively. Both forms size Ditto up considerably, with its Future Paradox Form based off of a hologram and gaining a foot in height and a fair amount of weight. The Ancient Form is the most surprising, though, as it towers over standard Ditto at over four feet tall and weighs nearly 700 pounds.

The Ancient Paradox Form of Ditto looks particularly scary, with a gaping maw containing sharp teeth and a crown of spikes on its head. HertzBurst took inspiration from Pokemon Gold and Silver‘s canceled beta Pokemon, which were revealed to the public after a data leak of the Space World 1997 Demo made it to the internet. At one time, Ditto was going to receive a unique evolution that looked quite a bit like Mimic Spike, but with fewer spikes and beady eyes rather than the angry red ones this fan Paradox Form has. The creepy update to the beta evolution has struck fans as quite unnerving.

Ditto likely hasn’t gained an evolution or any hugely unique forms due to its transformation gimmick. The developers would have to find something that an evolution or Paradox Form could have that would set it apart from standard Ditto in some way without sacrificing its key characteristic. It remains to be seen if Ditto will ever get a major update in a future Pokemon game, but regardless, the Pokemon has proven its value to players generation after generation just as it is.

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