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Pokemon Fan Creates Alternate Forms for Carvanha and Sharpedo | Games Rants

A Pokemon player showcases designs that they have made for prehistoric versions of the Water-Type pocket monsters Carvanha and Sharpedo.


  • A fan has designed new forms for Carvanha and Sharpedo, showcasing their creativity and giving fans a new perspective on these popular Pokemon.
  • The alternate designs for Carvanha and Sharpedo imagine what these Pokemon would look like if their bodies were not as short as they originally were, sparking discussion and excitement among fans on Reddit.
  • Other fans have also been creating alternate forms for Pokémon like Sharpedo, showcasing the ongoing creativity within the Pokemon community and giving new life to older Pokemon.

A Pokemon fan has designed new forms for the Water/Dark-Type creatures Carvanha and Sharpedo that sees one of them receive a major change. Gamers have been creating concepts for alternate forms of pocket monsters since the franchise started over two decades ago. Many alternate Pokemon designs have been created by players over the years which have resulted in interesting takes on some of the popular creatures to release over the generations.

The dual-type Water/Dark Pokemon Sharpedo and Carvanha were introduced in the series’ third Generation. Both pocket monsters feature the Rough Skin ability, and Sharpedo was also given a Mega Evolution. It was featured as one of the main creatures that Team Aqua leader Archie utilized in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

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A Reddit user named ShugaWentWrong posted their take on prehistoric forms of Carvanha and Sharpedo. Carvanha keeps its Typing but takes on an elongated body shape and a smaller jaw. Sharpedo was drawn with a much longer body and was changed to now be a Water/Dragon-Type. The two alternate designs for the Pokemon are interesting and help fans imagine what they would look like if their bodies were not as short as they originally were.

Redditors seem to be enjoying the designs that ShugaWentWrong made for the two Water-Type Pokemon. One commenter stated that they would have preferred if Sharpedo originally had a long tail and agreed with ShugaWentWrong that the original looks as if it was cut in half. Another Reddit user mentioned that ShugaWentWrong’s concept gave off Garchomp vibes, a pocket monster introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl whose design was also based on sharks. A few other gamers gave stats for the alternate Sharpedo, as well as Pokedex entries for a little background on them. The alternate forms for the two Pokemon are interesting takes on pocket monsters that fans are quite familiar with.

ShugaWentWrong is not the only fan creating alternate forms for Sharpedo. A Reddit user known as HertzBurst created a Paradox form for the Pokemon, changing it into a Water/Steel-Type named Iron Swirl. The gamer came up with Paradox forms for other Pokemon as well, including Mudkip, Hoppip, and Ariados, giving all of them robotic looks. All of HertzBurst’s designs show what futuristic renditions of these pocket monsters could look like and help showcase the creativity of fans of the series. As the franchise continues, gamers will keep creating new forms for older Pokemon, helping breath new life into pocket monsters that have been around for a number of Generations.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Switch.

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