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Pokemon Fan Creates Adorable Picture of Piplup | Games Rants


  • Piplup, a popular Pokemon, is depicted in a charming fanart showing its morning routine of splashing water on its face.
  • Fans find the fanart adorable despite some silly elements like having Piplup’s face on a hand towel and using a sink tap to wash its face.
  • Piplup’s popularity is evident in fan creations and official merchandise, although it was absent from some recent game releases and will be returning in DLC.

A Pokemon fan has shared a charming piece of art depicting how Piplup gets its day started. The storybook-like illustration has charmed many fellow fans and is impressive enough to be mistaken for Pokemon TCG art by multiple people.

Considering the series has introduced hundreds of individual pocket monsters, it comes as no surprise that players tend to have favorites. It’s common to find the starter Pokemon of each generation among these, especially if they were the player’s first companion exploring the world of the games. Piplup got its start way back in the fourth generation with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but the little penguin pocket monster is still quite popular.

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The adorable fanart of Piplup comes courtesy of Mions-art, who shared their creation with fans on Reddit. The pastel image shows Piplup standing in front of a sink and mirror, with its face reflected back at it. Piplup is shown splashing water from the sink over its face, likely waking itself up for the day with a bit of face washing. Piplup’s image can also be spotted on a hand towel next to the sink, and what looks like a rubber duck-like Piplup in a basket on top of a washing machine. The image could easily fit into a Pokemon picturebook.

Mions-art has received plenty of praise for their efforts, with many fans calling the fanart adorable. Several also pointed out some sillier aspects of the art, like how it would be weird for someone to have their own face on a hand towel, but that with a Pokemon as cute as Piplup, it seems normal. Others noted how funny it was for Piplup to use a sink tap to wash its face when it’s a Water-type Pokemon capable of producing water on its own. Most fans seem to think that these odd elements simply add to the art’s charm, however.

It’s clear that Piplup is a popular Pokemon with a lot of fans, if fanart like this and official productions are any indication. Pokemon fans have created Piplup terrariums and other kinds of Piplup fanart, while the official company has produced giant Piplup plush toys and even workout videos based on the Pokemon. However, fans have had to wait to see Piplup in the most recent game releases, as it was absent from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at launch. Thankfully for fans, Piplup will be making a return in the Indigo Disk DLC.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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