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Every Major Fight On Egghead Island, Explained | Games Rants


  • The Egghead Island arc in One Piece is the beginning of the Final Saga and has been spectacular so far, with major incidents taking place worldwide.
  • Fans are excited for the ongoing fight between Luffy and Kizaru, with Kizaru taking the fight seriously and Luffy displaying powerful techniques.
  • Other characters like Zoro, Lucci, and the Straw Hat Pirates will also have intense fights, with the Vice Admirals of the Navy posing a challenge for some crew members. The potential involvement of Saturn adds an intriguing element to the arc.

The Egghead Island arc marked the beginning of the Final Saga of One Piece and it has been nothing short of spectacular for fans so far. The arc kickstarted what is the final phase of One Piece and it is safe to say that Oda has gone in firing on all cylinders. The Egghead Island Arc didn’t just focus on Luffy’s adventure on the island of the future. Instead, it took fans all over the world and showcased some major incidents taking place.

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This shouldn’t come as a surprise to any fan, given that Oda has previously mentioned that in the Final Saga, the focus will not be just on the Straw Hat Pirates but on all the major factions in the One Piece world. However, the Straw Hat Pirates will always be at the center of things, as they are currently on Egghead. There is a war raging on this island and the Straw Hat Pirates are central to it. With many fights breaking out, this arc is only going to get better from here onwards.

Luffy Vs Kizaru

monkey d luffy vs kizaru one piece 1092

The biggest fight that every fan is excited about at the moment is, undoubtedly, Luffy versus Kizaru. This fight only just began in the manga and will continue over the course of the next few chapters. The buildup for this fight, however, has been slowly simmering for months. As soon as the order for Kizaru to go to Egghead came, fans knew that Luffy would clash with the Admiral at some point in the arc. Granted, it was a long wait before it finally happened, however, the waiting period is over as One Piece chapter 1091 delivered big time. Kizaru recently made it to Egghead and he immediately entered the Fabriophase, where he fought against Sentomaru, one of his old friends. It was no surprise for the fans to see him take care of Sentomaru quickly and, immediately after that happened, Kizaru ascended to the Labophase.

Luffy immediately noticed his presence and decided to leave Vegaforce. Immediately after, the two had a reunion of sorts and Luffy jumped head first with a powerful kick, coated in what appears to be the Color of the Supreme King, and landed a powerful blow on Kizaru. While the Admiral managed to block the attack, it must be noted that his speech pattern, which is usually very relaxed, tensed up. This means that Kizaru is taking this fight very seriously and he knows that there is a good chance it could end badly for him. Luffy has barely just started fighting and he has a lot in his locker to display in his fight against the Admiral.

Zoro Vs Lucci

Rob lucci vs zoro one piece 1092

While Luffy engages Kizaru on Egghead, there is more going on inside the Labophase, specifically with the character of Rob Lucci. Although Lucci had previously teamed up with the Straw Hat Pirates temporarily, he showed his true colors as soon as Kizaru arrived. Lucci immediately went in for the killing blow to Vegapunk and had it not been for Stussy, he would certainly have died. She shielded him with her body and ended up falling. That is precisely when Zoro jumped into action and collided with Lucci. Using two sword style, Zoro launched an attack at him, only to be blocked by his leg, coated in powerful Haki.

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The two immediately took the fight outside the laboratory and that is where this fight is going to continue. It must be noted that neither of these two has gone all out just yet. Zoro is only relying on two swords at the moment and everyone knows that he is at his best when using all three. Meanwhile, Lucci has not tapped into the power of his Devil Fruit at all and he also has Awakening up his sleeve, which is going to make this fight very difficult for Zoro. Fans might get to see Zoro tap into the power of his Color of the Supreme King once again, given that this is a very serious fight that he will have to do his utmost best to win. This is another find that fans are very excited to see, given that these two characters have clashed briefly before the timeskip as well.

The Straw Hat Pirates Vs Navy

featured one piece luffy defeat Kizaru

Apart from Luffy and Zoro, there are other characters who fans will get to see fight on Egghead as well. For now, the Vice Admirals of the Navy and the other Marines are at bay. At the same time, the Pacifistas are also at war with the sea beasts. However, it won’t be long before they turn their attention towards the Straw Hat Pirates and Vegapunk. As soon as Vegapunk cracks the code to the Labophase and the Frontier Dome is pulled down, it will give opportunity to all the Vice Admirals to flow in and fight against the pirate crew. This means fans will have incredible fights at their hands, and some of them are going to be difficult for the crew.

For instance, the likes of Franky, Usopp, Nami, and Chopper, might struggle against the power of these Vice Admirals, especially since they specialize in the usage of Haki. Meanwhile, Robin is heavily injured so she cannot go all out either. Jinbe might be able to deal with Doberman, given that he is a very skilled fighter. That would leave aside Sanji, who fans know is much stronger than any Vice Admiral on Egghead. Kaku would be an ideal opponent for him, however, Sanji already trapped him inside of a bubble, rendering him useless in this war. Unless Kaku is freed, Sanji will have to find a different opponent for himself. Interestingly, a particular character might free up for Sanji if the arc takes a very intriguing turn towards the end by bringing in a major player who has been sitting on the sideline for way too long.

Saturn’s Eventual Role

jaygarcia saturn eating food one piece 1091

Saint Jaygarcia Saturn was brought to Egghead Island to fulfill a certain role. So far, he has just spectated and done nothing. However, if Oda only intended for him to spectate in this fight, then he wouldn’t be near Egghead, to begin with. He would be with the other elders sitting inside Pangea Castle. The fact that Saturn is outside Egghead means that Oda plans on getting him involved in this war at some point. When that happens, it is highly likely that Luffy will end up shifting his focus to him. Meanwhile, Kizaru could then be either taken on by Sanji, or, by the collaborative effort of Zoro and Sanji, which would make more sense, given that Kizaru is much stronger than any of those two individually.

Lucci could be dealt with by the likes of Jinbe, and he would serve as a great enemy for him, given that Who’s Who was way too weak to pose any threat to him. Jinbe would have to go all out in order to win this fight. Meanwhile, The center of attention would then be Luffy and Saturn and it would be the first time that Luffy ever fought against a member of the Five Elders. Furthermore, fans would also get the Devil Fruit reveal for Saturn in this fight and that is certainly something that everyone is excited to see. The Egghead arc is only going to get crazier by the second and fans will see it blow up when the Egghead Incident finally happens.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1092, is set to be September 17, 2023.

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