No Man’s Sky Player Recreates Iconic Star Wars Ship In-Game | Games Rants
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No Man’s Sky Player Recreates Iconic Star Wars Ship In-Game | Games Rants


  • No Man’s Sky player creates an impressive Millennium Falcon build that Star Wars fans will instantly recognize.
  • The recent “Echoes” update in No Man’s Sky focuses on character customization, but base building remains a core mechanic that has been refined over time.
  • While a crossover between No Man’s Sky and Star Wars is unlikely, player creations like the Millennium Falcon base provide an alternative way for fans to engage with both games.

One No Man’s Sky player has shared an impressive build of the Millennium Falcon that Star Wars fans will find instantly recognizable. Hello Games has endeavored to give players an unparalleled creative experience to the point that the sprawling space sim is sometimes described as space Minecraft. While the two games are vastly different, No Man’s Sky stands up as one of the best sandbox games for creative players to let their imaginations run wild and build to their heart’s content.

The recent 4.4 “Echoes” update added a raft of new cosmetics to No Man’s Sky that the community seems to be enjoying. While the new update seems to be primarily focused on character customization, base building remains one of the core mechanics of the game and has been iteratively improved over its lifetime. Base building was not a launch feature of the game; it was only added with the 1.1 “Foundation” update and has been refined over the years to become the enjoyable and intuitive experience that it is today.

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A Reddit user by the name of WizardM-PSN has shared their No Man’s Sky base that strongly resembles the Millennium Falcon, a ship that should need no introduction to Star Wars fans. The build is a work in progress, according to WizardM-PSN, but it is still instantly recognizable as the ship commanded by space smuggler Han Solo alongside his faithful companion Chewbacca. The post has drawn hundreds of tongue-in-cheek comments in response to the creator’s invitation to “guess what it is.”

While No Man’s Sky and Star Wars are entirely different creatures, they do bear some similarities and likely have a significant overlap in terms of their fan bases. Some might like the idea of a crossover between No Man’s Sky and Star Wars, but there has been no indication of this even being possible. Incredible player creations like that of WizardM-PSN are the next best thing; players can use the glyph coordinates in the post to visit this impressive base. WizardM-PSN reports that they have also built the Death Star but did not supply the coordinates for that build in their comment.

It will be interesting to see what WizardM-PSN creates next, but they are not the only creative player out there. Another player recreated Hogwarts from Harry Potter in No Man’s Sky, complete with a Quidditch pitch. Perhaps more official crossovers in the future could bring the game to new audiences, however, there are no known official plans of this nature.

No Man’s Sky is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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