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There’s no shortage of games to play on the Nintendo Switch. With an ever-expanding library of new and old titles, it’s hard for players with the hybrid console to ever get bored. The eShop, specifically, is a great online store full of titles both popular and unknown just waiting to be played. Regardless of your preferred genre, odds are there is something there for you, and it has one of the best classic game libraries around too.

More importantly, however, there are countless titles that are inexpensive. In fact, if potential players set the eShop price point to $10 or under, there’s an overwhelming amount of content to choose from. Yet, choosing between the good and the bad can be a daunting task. So, to help you choose, here are some of the best Switch games under $10.

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Updated August 28, 2023 by Mark Sammut: The Switch library is filled with fantastic games that almost never dip below $60. Most of them are worth the investment, but the console is also constantly welcoming projects that are much, much more affordable. Some of the best cheap Switch games are also among the greatest titles available on the console.

Vampire Survivors

The Spellstring weapon in Vampire Survivors

Luca Galante’s Vampire Survivors was an instant success when it launched into early access toward the end of 2021, paving the way to its full debut less than a year later. Since then, the game has been steadily making its way to other platformers, with the Switch port arriving in August 2023. With very basic visuals, a simple core gameplay loop, and 30-minute play sessions, Vampire Survivors is tailor-made for a portable system, and it feels right at home on Nintendo’s hybrid console. While its price might suggest otherwise, this title is more than capable of keeping someone entertained for weeks or months, as can be proven by its longevity on Steam.

Players pick a character and are dropped into a map where enemies continuously spawn. Their goal is simple: kill monsters, level up, and survive for 30 minutes. The characters attack automatically, so players must primarily focus on movement rather than direct actions; however, whenever they level up, they will have to pick an upgrade or item from a random assortment. The latter system is what elevated Vampire Survivors to the next level since it forces players to be constantly thinking about their build’s trajectory.

WBSC eBaseball: Power Pros


One of the cheapest Switch games, WBSC eBASEBALL: Power Pros‘ $0.99 price tag almost seems like an error or a sign that Konami’s game is meant to be treated as a live-service release. However, that is not really the case. eBaseball Powerful Pro Baseball is a big franchise in Japan that has been around since 1994. However, the series remained exclusive to its home nation, which makes sense since the games are licensed by Japanese baseball organizations.

Power Pros essentially acts as an introduction for Western audiences, and while the package is bare bones, it does a good job of highlighting the franchise’s unique visuals and fun gameplay. Along with detailed tutorial and team creator modes, the game supports multiplayer and solo matches. Power Pros is more than worth its entry fee.

Yars: Recharged

Yars Recharged

Switch owners who are big fans of old-school games have at their disposal an array of remakes based on classic Atari releases, all of which fall under the Recharged subtitle. Black Widow, Centipede, and Asteroids provide simple fun; however, if asked to signal out the best of the bunch, it would have to be Yars: Recharged.

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Ambitious for the early ’80s, this game is essentially a boss rush, albeit not quite in the same vein as modern titles. Each stage consists of a protected boss, and players need to steadily chip away at the enemy’s defenses in order to carve a path to their weak point. Offering a strategic and satisfying gameplay loop, Yars: Recharged is challenging and reasonably long for its price tag.

RiffTrax: The Game

Image Depicting A Pizza Which Acts As The Lobby For RiffTrax: The Game

Over the last decade, many creators have walked in the footsteps of Mystery Science Theater 3000 by adding their commentary to a wide range of (usually) bad movies and shows. RiffTrax is perhaps the most well-known brand to establish a voice within the sub-category of entertainment, and now fans can create their own punchlines by picking up Wide Right Interactive’s party game.

RiffTrax: The Game allows players to either write their own riffs or select their favorite from a plethora of pre-installed options. Featuring a robust collection of movie clips, this budget Switch game offers quite a bit of variety.

Cthulhu Saves Christmas

Cthulhu Saves Christmas game

Zeboyd Games’ delightful RPG follows a weakened Cthulhu on a quest to save Christmas (and regain his lost power). Cthulhu Saves Christmas pokes fun at plenty of RPG tropes, and the game’s writing is consistently funny.

Perhaps more importantly, this RPG is also fun to play. The game features a turn-based combat system that has more than enough depth and color to remain engaging for the campaign’s relatively short length.

Dungeons Of Dreadrock

Dungeons of Dreadrock

Just barely coming in beneath the cutoff point, Dungeons of Dreadrock is a dungeon crawler that emphasizes puzzles rather than real-time combat. In order to rescue her brother, a girl enters a dungeon and gradually descends its levels, taking on the threats and traps found within. Aesthetically, the game takes inspiration from the SNES era, albeit using 32-bit visuals. The art style is clean and charming, particularly when it comes to the design of monsters.

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Dungeons of Dreadrock does not overstay its welcome and continuously introduces fresh ideas to maintain the campaign’s momentum. This is one of the best cheap games on the Switch.

Planet Alpha

planet alpha game

Planet Alpha is a feast for the eyes. Largely forgoing a direct story in favor of visual splendor, the game guides players through a planet’s bizarre but gorgeous environments. Rather than adhere to consistency, Planet Alpha prefers to just deliver detailed backdrops and heart-pounding spectacles. Generally, this type of creative decision leads to a disconnected experience, but it works here due to the setting’s unapologetic strangeness.

While the environments and visuals are this title’s main selling points, Planet Alpha is also a decent puzzle-platformer in its own right. That said, the gameplay is nothing to write home about nor is it among the genre’s best renditions, but it largely does the job.

Stories Untold

stories untold game

An anthology horror game, Stories Untold is split into four episodes, which are presented as standalone packages while still connecting to each other. Inspired by ’80s media, the tales largely place players behind a computer screen, asking them to input and complete tasks that gradually impact the world around them.

While not necessarily terrifying, Stories Untold is an imaginative and unsettling entry into the horror genre. Nostalgia is a central theme of the episodes, so much so that the title is likely to hit harder for those who grew up with old PC games. That said, younger players should find a lot to enjoy here too.


minit game

Minit‘s title explains its core gameplay mechanic: the protagonist is stuck in a one-minute loop. Due to a curse, the adorable lead is doomed to reincarnate as their chosen house after just 60 seconds, although their impact on the world does not reset. Consequently, players must gradually open up the game’s world as they try to break the cycle.

On the surface, this concept sounds limiting, but Minit uses this design decision to craft an intelligent puzzle game that forces players to continually analyze their environments for the quickest solution. This world is also worth exploring, particularly thanks to its colorful NPCs that make each interaction a joy to experience.


Oxenfree campfire

Developed by Night School Studio, Oxenfree is a 2D adventure game revolving nearly entirely around walking and dialogue. There are also a few puzzles and secrets to unlock, but the game’s selling point is its story and characters, both of which are strong.

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Oxenfree‘s art style, tone, and writing complement each other to create a gripping narrative that balances character development with a great sense of mystery. Lasting roughly 5 hours for a playthrough, Oxenfree is well worth a look.

Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon

Bloodstained Curse Of The Moon

Released alongside Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Curse of the Moon is a throwback to classic 2D Castlevania games, and it is a great one at that. Taking on the role of Zangetsu, players plow through pixilated levels with branching paths while utilizing an assortment of sub-weapons and abilities.

The game features multiple playable characters, all of which come with their own playstyles. The characters can be switched out at any time once they are unlocked, permitting they have not been killed during the current level. This greatly expands the gameplay options present to the player at any given moment. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon offers a ridiculous amount of content for its price tag.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 is also fantastic, although the sequel costs $14.99.

Flat Heroes

flat heroes game

Flat Heroes is a simple platformer about a square that simply wishes to survive. The 100+ levels consist of single screens with a couple of platforms and a slew of enemies, the latter of which get increasingly more creative in their attempts to reduce the player’s square to nothing. Flat Heroes‘s cute and stripped-back presentation might trick some people into believing this is a relatively easy game, but that could not be further from the truth.

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This platformer packs a grueling punch, punishing players who make a solitary mistake or are too slow to react. Flat Heroes tests a user’s reflexes rather than precision, crafting a gameplay loop that will keep players coming back for more.

Tadpole Treble Encore

Tadpole Treble Encore game

Tadpole Treble originally debuted on the Wii U, and the rhythm game was a blast on the dying console. In 2021, an updated version called Tadpole Treble Encore made its way to the Nintendo Switch store, and it is still a delight. The campaign revolves around a tadpole that gets separated from its mother, forcing them to go on an adventure to find its way back home. Simple but effective, the story is charming and adorable.

In terms of gameplay, Tadpole Treble Encore builds on the rhythm genre’s fundamentals, providing a couple of unique twists to a well-established formula. Along with simply hitting the right notes, players have a few tricks at their disposal that can help them attain even higher scores. Importantly for this type of project, Tadpole Treble Encore‘s soundtrack is fantastic.

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf game

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf started life on mobile systems and PC, before eventually making its way to consoles a couple of years later. The Switch port does a serviceable job of adapting the experience to Nintendo’s platform, although the transition is not entirely smooth. Be that as it may, Lone Wolf is still an impressive game that scratches an itch few other Switch titles attempt to reach.

Lone Wolf is split into two sections: text and combat. The former essentially acts as a choose-your-own-adventure. Players read through a standard but well-written fantasy story while making a few key decisions along the way, and these choices impact the narrative’s progression. During key battle-centric sequences, the game shifts to a turn-based combat system presented through 3D visuals. These sections are surprisingly deep and engaging.

Sega Ages Sonic The Hedgehog 2

sega ages sonic 2

Some games will never go out of fashion, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is certainly one of those titles. Sega’s mascot hit the ground running with his original Genesis outing, and its sequel cemented Sonic as a gaming icon who will never disappear. Despite being more than 30 years old by this point, Sonic 2 is still as fantastic of an experience as it was on the day of its release.

Visually, the game’s vibrant aesthetic pops off the screen, injecting personality into the campaign’s creative and well-designed stages. The gameplay is timeless, and arguably still represents the franchise’s peak.


Limbo switch children

A haunting journey through a perilous forest home to a nightmarish multi-leg abomination, Limbo is a horror work of art. While not quite as terrifying as something like Silent Hill, Limbo‘s black and white aesthetic and defenseless protagonist foster an ever-present sense of dread and vulnerability.

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Limbo is available on plenty of consoles, but the game is especially suited to the Nintendo Switch’s portability. Fans of puzzle platformers will presumably love this title, particularly if they appreciate a touch of film noir.

Picross S

Picross S4

Picross is one of those properties that just feels at home on the Nintendo Switch. The console has more than 10 of these games, including spin-offs like Kemono Friends Picross; however, the main series is Picross S. This franchise is currently on its eighth entry, and while all the games are very similar, the core concept is so addictive that they continue to be fun.

There is really no point in starting with any entry except the most recent one. Picross S8 has hundreds of puzzles split across various modes, including standard, Mega Picross, and Color Picross. Repetitive as this package might be, Picross is a reliable pick for a quick play session.

Part Time UFO

part time ufo switch

In this game, players take control of a small UFO that is taking on different jobs to help people on Earth. Most of these jobs involve stacking and balancing items, but each new location and job is sure to throw an interesting challenge into the mix.

While Part Time UFO can be played by just one player, it also has unique versions of each job that can be played with two players, making it a great couch co-op game. The art style is vibrant and cute while the puzzles can be both hilarious and challenging. This game is well worth the price whether players want to complete puzzles on their own or with a friend.

The King Of Fighters ’98

The King Of Fighters '98 switch

The Nintendo eShop is packed with ACA Neo Geo ports of classic SNK releases. There are plenty of outstanding titles to select from, especially when it comes to fighting games. Fatal Fury, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, and Samurai Shodown are all cheap Switch games that rank among the genre’s best offerings. The console’s library also has a wide selection of King of Fighters entries, arguably SNK’s most beloved fighting series.

As it is difficult to go wrong with a KoF game, highlighting a single title is not simple. That said, The King of Fighters ’98 is a good place to start. The title has a fantastic roster, polished gameplay, and timeless sprites.

Double Pug Switch

Cover art for Double Pug Switch

When a professor’s cat, Whiskers, accidentally creates a portal between dimensions that sends Whiskers and the professor’s pug, Otis, to another dimension, Otis must try to stop Whiskers from wreaking more havoc in this new world.

The characters in Double Pug Switch are adorable, and the puzzles that involve switching between dimensions as Otis are unique, challenging, and satisfying to complete. One of the funniest and cutest parts of the game is also that collecting coins lets players purchase different hats for Otis! This game will give players hours of fun, mayhem, and cuteness.

When The Past Was Around

cover art for When the Past was Around on the Nintendo Switch

When the Past was Around is definitely one of the more emotional games on this list, and it’s worthy of a spot in every Switch player’s library. In this game, players follow the story of a girl named Eda as she navigates life in her 20s with the help of a man called The Owl.

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This game uses a point-and-click playstyle with different puzzles that will push players through Eda’s life. They’ll see her high points and her low points as she tries to come to peace with everything that comes her way. This game’s moving story and gorgeous graphics make it worth every penny.


elechead game

A puzzle-platformer with a clever central mechanic, ElecHead features an adorable robot with a charged head. As the protagonist releases electricity, they influence the panel they are standing on, allowing it to come to life. Naturally, this serves as the core concept behind the game’s puzzles since players must determine which areas of a room really need electricity at any given moment.

The obstacles start out fairly simple, but things open up significantly once Elec earns the ability to detach their electrified head so they can fling it onto panels. Charming and challenging, ElecHead makes full use of its central mechanic, crafting a short but sweet experience that can be completed over a long day.

Demon Turf: Neon Splash

demon turf neon splash

Demon Turf is a fun fast-paced 3D platformer, and Neon Splash offers more of the same, albeit without the inclusion of the main project’s polarizing beat ’em up sections. Now, just to be clear, this release is essentially an expansion that can be completed in a few short hours. Although not a full-blown platformer, Neon Splash has Demon Turf‘s very good core mechanics, colorful aesthetic, and inventive level design. The game is surprisingly difficult too, at least by the genre’s standards.

Neon Splash consists of 10 stages which are not really all that connected to each other. Individually, they range from good-to-great, provided someone is looking for a challenging rather than a relaxing platformer. If this title hits the spot with someone, they might want to consider picking up Demon Turf.

Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP Renegade

Vector Unit has created a few Riptide GP games, most of which are on mobile devices. Renegade was the first entry designed to reach out to consoles, and while nowhere near the level of something like Mario Kart 8, the racer should be a decent addition to most Nintendo Switch libraries. Focusing on speedboats, Renegade features a surprisingly in-depth career mode that tasks players with winning races to customize and upgrade their vehicles, and they will need to get good to keep up with the competition.

The game’s online mode was never all that active and should not be taken into consideration when considering this purchase. Fortunately, the package has enough single-player content to warrant a recommendation, at least for die-hard fans of the racing genre. That said, anyone who is only mildly into racers might get bored with Renegade quite quickly.

Among Us

among us on switch

That’s right. The game that’s been taking over the internet has now made it onto the Switch. Like on other platforms, Among Us is only $5 on the Switch. It can be played with as few as 4 players and as many as 10 players, and technically, a Nintendo Switch Online membership isn’t required.

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As long as players are on the same Wi-Fi as their friends who also have the game, then Among Us can be played locally on the Switch. Whether players choose to enjoy this game online or in person, Among Us is sure to fill a room with laughs, betrayal, flying accusations, and more as players try to figure out who the imposters are on the ship.

Mad Father

Mad Father

Some players might already be familiar with Mad Father, as it originally came out in late 2012. The version that’s currently available in the Nintendo eShop is a remake of Mad Father, which means it’s perfect for fans of the original as well as new players.

The game is a horror adventure that follows a young girl named Aya, who wants to spend time with her father on the anniversary of her mother’s death. Instead, the anniversary involves people escaping from Aya’s father’s laboratory after he’s performed experiments on them, and Aya learning the truth about what her father has really been doing in his lab. This game is a great choice for horror fans and fans of the original game.


Developed by Evil Indie games, NO THING is a fantastic, yet simplistic runner that every Switch owner should play. Taking place in the totalitarian future of 1994, players take control of a simple office clerk who is tasked with sending a message to the Queen of Ice.

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While far from the most graphically impressive on the console, it makes up for it with some fantastic and responsive gameplay. It’s extremely fast, easy to pick up, and has a great difficulty curve. Couple that with an interesting, psychedelic art direction and a fantastic soundtrack, NO THING shines through its simplicity.

Doom 3

Doom 3 monster

While Doom 3 is a hotly debated title among fans of the series, there’s no denying it’s a fantastic title. Originally released in 2004, Doom 3 takes the plot of the original game in the series: players take control of Doomguy, one of the few survivors of a demon invasion at a Union Aerospace Corporation base on Mars. Don’t look at this as a straight-up remake, however. Changing the fast-paced gameplay for something slower, with more horror influences, Doom 3 feels like a completely different game compared to the influential 1993 shooter.

Despite its age, however, the game holds up. Visually, it’s still impressive, the controls are tight, and the slower pace serves a lot of the game’s set pieces well. That isn’t to say the game comes to a crawl either, still retaining run and gun mechanics, the Doom 3 is still smooth and exciting even after almost a decade and a half.

Earth Wars

Developed by One or Eight INC., Earth Wars is one of the more overlooked games on the Nintendo eShop. With a beautiful hand-drawn art style, this side-scrolling hack-and-slash adventure implements RPG mechanics as well. In fact, many have compared the game to the classic Vanillaware Wii title, Muramasa: The Demon Blade. While probably not as ambitious as the 2009 title, Earth Wars is still a beautiful, slick title with a lot of customization available.

Mix in large-scale boss battles, and an overwhelming amount of loot to find, Earth Wars will leave a lasting impression on players.

Sega Ages: Phantasy Star

Phantasy Star

While Sega was known for making fast-paced arcade-style games during their time as console makers, they dabbled in the JRPG genre to great success. Their most popular franchise in that regard is easily Phantasy Star. While basic by today’s standards, as Sega Master System title in 1987, it was a truly unique title, featuring a satisfying combat system, a healthy dose of strategy, and 3D-esque dungeon crawling mechanics.

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While not far different from the original title, Sega Ages: Phantasy Star offers some minor quality of life upgrades that reduce the number of random encounters while increasing the amount of money and experience received through victory. Yet, if you’re looking for old-school difficulty, that option is available too.


florence game switch

Lasting roughly 45 minutes, Florence is a one-and-done experience that is worth its price tag, especially for fans of visual novels. Annapurna Interactive’s game covers the relationship between Florence and Krish, transforming the highs and lows of their time together into short bursts of gameplay.

Florence‘s length can make it a bit of a tough sell, but it does feel right for the story being told. If $5.99 still seems too steep, Florence has been on sale for as low as $1.99.

Cel Damage HD

Of all the games to receive an HD remaster, the 2001 vehicular combat title for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox, Cel Damage, was probably the most unexpected. That’s not because it’s undeserving of one, in fact, its cel-shaded art direction, chaotic gameplay, hilarious dialogue, and outlandish characters make it one of the most overlooked titles of its generation.

With unlockable characters and a real sense of progression, Cel Damage is an extremely satisfying game to play though. Add in battle royal and race modes, players have two very different game types to choose from that feel completely different from one another.

SteamWorld Dig

One thing the Switch is not light on is Metroidvania titles. With that said, the interesting Image & Form title is just as fantastic to play as it was when it was originally released in 2013. Players take control of Rusty, a robot who finds himself in an old mining town and is ready to get to work. Players must dig beneath the ground, battle the enemies they cross paths with, and collect as much as possible before returning to the surface.

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While not the best game in the series — SteamWorld Dig 2 is one of the best games of the decade — it’s still a fantastic game that players can put a lot of time into.

Mini Metro

Mini Metro game switch

“Relaxing” is not an adjective commonly associated with the metro, at least when it comes to riding the trains. However, that is exactly the type of experience that Mini Metro offers. Placed in charge of arranging a city’s metro system, players have to connect the dots to create a smooth ride for commuters. It is a simple concept that manages to craft a calming gameplay loop while still offering quite a bit of challenge and tension.

Mini Metro matches its great gameplay with clean visuals and a soothing soundtrack, showing that sometimes less can be more. The game comes with a few different modes that tweak the flow of gameplay just enough to keep things fresh.

Danmaku Unlimited 3

Danmaku Unlimited 3 game switch

Shmups fans looking to game on a budget are generally well served by the genre, and the Nintendo Switch has quite a few great titles that embrace bullet hell. Danmaku Unlimited 3 is one such project, and it is quite spectacular. Plunging players into a symphony of gorgeous destruction as colorful bullets fill the screen, this shooter is punishing and addictive in the best possible way.

Now, bullet hells are not for everyone, and since most of these games pride themselves on their difficulty, they can be overwhelming for newcomers. Danmaku Unlimited 3 is certainly no exception, but it also incorporates a few options that make the content a touch more accessible. Still, the game is unapologetically unforgiving on higher difficulties.

Republique: Anniversary Edition

Republique Anniversary Edition

Starting life as an iOS game, Republique eventually made its way to PC as an episodic project, before coming out on the PS4 in 2016. Nintendo fans interested in this stealth title had to wait until 2022’s Anniversary Edition, which contains the entire story. As there are five episodes to play through, Republique should keep someone busy for more than 10 hours, and quite a lot of that time is dedicated to actual gameplay.

While somewhat rough around the edges at points, Republique: Anniversary Edition is nevertheless a solid stealth game set within a dystopian future. At its Switch price, this title is a steal.

Golf Club Wasteland

golf club wasteland player near a cow

The market is flushed with post-apocalyptic worlds, so a game needs to provide a unique spin to stand out from the crowd. Golf Club Wasteland does just that by focusing on a golfer who visits Earth in pursuit of courses unlike any other. Across more than 30 levels, players must carefully putt their ball towards the end goal, passing all sorts of unsettling but beautiful imagery along the way.

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The surprising thing about Golf Club Wasteland is that its gameplay is enhanced by a surprisingly effective storyline. For people who want to focus solely on golf, they can just jump into the game’s challenge mode.


Reventure game switch

Failure is part of nearly every game. In death, players gather useful information that can fuel their eventual victory; basically, it is a means to an end. However, in Reventure, death is a means to a literal end. While the hero is on a quest to save a princess, the player’s goal is to unlock all the possible endings, which usually (but not exclusively) means an untimely demise.

Such a premise is naturally built on repetition as players will constantly be sent back to square one so they can start their adventure anew. While that might sound off-putting, Reventure‘s sense of humor helps sell the concept.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Players who are looking for their next Mega Man fix, look no further than INTI CREATES CO., LTD.’s Mighty Gunvolt Burst. This action-packed platformer hearkens back to the good old days of difficult 8-bit gameplay as players take control of Beck from Mighty Number 9, Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt, or Ekoro from Blaster Master Zero, each of whom plays and controls differently.

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While retro in its aesthetic, Mighty Gunvolt Burst introduces a lot of newer concepts that keep the game in the modern era. That includes relatively deep customization options along with combos you’d never achieve in older titles.

Retro Bowl

retro bowl game switch

Retro Bowl distills the complex sport of American Football down to its basics, all the while retaining a respectable amount of depth. Boasting a visual style that harbors back to games of yore, the title puts players in charge of a team looking to make it to the top. Along with taking charge of games, players also manage a couple of off-field components. While it is nowhere near as layered as a management sim, Retro Bowl does grant users a fair amount of control over their team.

Sports games are an acquired taste, and that holds true for this budget Switch game. Although not a must-play masterpiece, Retro Bowl gets a lot of things right and is a valid option for football fans who own the Nintendo console.


sumire switch game

Visual novels are an acquired taste, especially since many of them tend to be rather long and pricey. Sumire serves as a great entry-level option, at least in terms of cost and length. A coming-of-age story, Sumire follows its eponymous teenager as they deal with isolation and change, although these relatable challenges are complemented with a touch of magic.

Sumire‘s gorgeous visuals hide a mature story that tackles some complex subjects, all the while presenting players with choices that impact the characters’ futures.

Blaster Master Zero

Developed by INTI CREATES CO., LTD., Blaster Master Zero mixes the fun yet chaotic side-scrolling gameplay of Mega-Man with top-down sections to liven things up. Created with the original 1988 Blaster Master as a base, this version of the game offers way more in the way of content.

This includes new areas to explore, new bosses, and upgrades that were not possible in the original game. While a little on the short side, Blaster Master Zero is only $9.99 on the Nintendo eShop, making it worth the price.

Shovel Knight: Specter Of Torment

Shovel Knight Specter of Torment

Yacht Club got the world buzzing when they introduced Shovel Knight to the world. With countless additions to the game, Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment could have easily become a soulless sequel in a sea of titles under the series banner, but it ended up exceeding the already high expectations set by previous expansions in the franchise. In this title, players take control of Specter Knight who is tasked with recruiting knights to form the Order of No Quarter.

Full of charm and heart, Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is a top-end title on the eShop and one every player should experience. Priced at $9.99 as a stand-alone title, or included in the Shovel Knight Treasure Trove, there really is no excuse to get your hands on this fantastic experience.


downwell game

Don’t be fooled by the simplistic visuals, Downwell has a lot to offer. The roguelike has a simple premise: man finds well, man decides to descend into the abyss, and man shoots monsters with special boots.

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A platforming game with straightforward shooter elements, Downwell is one of those titles that can be very difficult to put down, especially since its procedurally generated levels allow for plenty of replayability. For $2.99, Downwell is an absolute steal and can easily keep someone entertained for hours on end.

A Short Hike

bird protagonist soaring through the skies above a waterfall in a short hike

Sometimes, simplicity is an asset. A Short Hike‘s narrative is straightforward – Claire arrives at a park and finds her phone doesn’t have reception. As she is expecting an important call, she makes her way to the summit in search of that elusive signal.

A Short Hike takes place in a tranquil open-world stuffed with personality, memorable characters, and beauty. This game is very much about the journey as Claire progressively learns to live in the moment. Freeing, charming, and calming, A Short Hike is a great and cheap Switch game that most people should consider picking up.


Shantae 2002 switch

All the Shantae games can be played on the Nintendo Switch, and the platformer franchise is nothing if not consistent. For the uninitiated, they might as well start with the original game, 2002’s Shantae which was released on the Game Boy Color.

Even though it debuted on relatively weak hardware, Shantae is quite the looker, mainly due to its vibrant color palette. The gameplay is also solid for the side-scrolling genre; while perhaps not groundbreaking, it does the basics well.

Bleak Sword DX


Finally coming to consoles in 2023, Bleak Sword DX is a delightful indie take on the Soulslike formula. Presenting its stages as dioramas, the game’s visual style instantly sets it apart from its contemporaries, allowing the project to shine in a genre that has grown oversaturated in recent years. Structure-wise, Bleak Sword DX adheres to a fairly straightforward rhythm, with players being dropped into creatively designed mini-settings that spawn a range of challenging and impressive monsters.

In terms of combat, More8Bit opted to strip things down quite a bit, prioritizing the fundamentals above everything else. Players have a small arsenal of moves at their disposal, and they will need to master every action to stand a chance of overcoming Bleak Sword DX‘s horrors. While not exactly overflowing with content, the campaign is long enough for the price tag, and it is supported by a couple of extra modes.


Quake switch monsters

Out of nowhere, Bethesda published a remaster of Quake for modern consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. Along with being a part of gaming history, Quake holds up shockingly well as a classic shooter. This package comes with the mission packs and improves the game’s visuals, bringing them up to scratch.

This recommendation goes beyond an appeal to nostalgia, as Quake‘s great soundtrack, awesome gameplay, classic weapons, and atmospheric locations have barely aged over the last few decades. FPS fans will love this, especially since the Switch is not overflowing with shooters.

Quake 2 is also the same price as its predecessor and just as awesome.

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