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Latest Switch 2 Rumors and Leaks Explained | Games Rants


  • Nintendo has confirmed that its next console will allow people to transfer their Nintendo accounts, indicating the development of a Switch successor.
  • Game developers have been working on optimizing games for the new console, and leaks suggest exciting new features such as a new cartridge and a possible built-in camera lens.
  • The Switch 2 may have backward compatibility, allowing users to access their Switch libraries, and rumors suggest it could be as powerful as the PlayStation 5. A potential release window of 2024 has been suggested.

Recently, there have been a multitude of rumors and potential leaks pertaining to a new console that Nintendo may be working on. At the moment, Nintendo has only confirmed that the next console will allow people to transfer their Nintendo accounts. Seeing as the original Switch was released in 2017, now would be the perfect time to curate a successor.

Reportedly, game developers have been made aware of this next-gen console and have been actively working on optimization. This makes sense, as for years it’s been rumored that a new Switch console is in the works. Recent leaks about the Switch 2 have revealed new details that could be quite exciting if they turn out to be true. According to the timeline in which the company usually unveils a new console, a release window of 2024 would fit the schedule perfectly.

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The Switch 2 May Be As Powerful as a PS5

PS5 and Switch Oled

There have been claims that a Switch 2 will function similarly to the first models, keeping the ability to seamlessly transform between handheld to home console. It’s also been stated that the Switch 2, or whatever it’ll be called, will still support game cartridges. Some think that Nintendo’s next console will have magnetic attachments, though how they will be used isn’t quite clear.

A lot of the recent information comes via a Reddit post from renowned laker “I’m a Hero Too,” who has made some bold statements pertaining to the Switch 2. They have alleged that the console will have a new cartridge and a “new camera feature.” The latter is a somewhat vague claim, but some people believe that this means the Switch 2 will be able to take photographs through a built-in camera lens. This wouldn’t be the first time a Nintendo console has used camera tech since the 2008 Nintendo DSi and the 2011 Nintendo 3DS both came equipped with something similar.

One of the most exciting features of the Switch 2 is the potential backwards compatibility. In the past, Nintendo hasn’t made it easy for users who’ve purchased games on older consoles to play them on other devices. “I’m a Hero Too” is currently affirming that this function is being tested on a few games. If accurate, those looking to upgrade won’t have to lose access to their Switch libraries.

In addition, the same Reddit user wrote that Square Enix, the developers of the Final Fantasy franchise, have already received dev kits for the Switch 2. As such, it’s been speculated that a Final Fantasy 7 Remake will debut with the release of the console. Claims have even been made that the next Switch will be as powerful as the PlayStation 5 with specs that can run high-end games smoothly.

A few weeks ago, a YouTube channel by the name of Yanko Design uploaded a rendering of what the Switch 2 may look like. This video showcased a sleek design and updated joy-cons. The concept of the revolutionized joy-cons is being met with some contention, as a few commenters think they look “dumb” while others admire the symmetrical screenshot and home buttons. Furthermore, it’s being theorized that the Switch 2 will have an 8-inch LCD screen rather than following in the OLED’s footsteps.

Since Gamescom 2023 ended recently, there have been whispers that a few press members have already been given a sneak peek of the console. If this is true, the expected late 2024 release date could be closer than previously thought, though the financial president of the company previously denied that there would be any new hardware before March. Of course, it’s plausible that Nintendo is hoping to release it around the same time as the PS5 Pro, which is rumored to be coming in August 2024.

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