Nintendo Switch 2 Might Solve Joy-Con Stick Drift Issue, According to New Patent | Games Rants
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Nintendo Switch 2 Might Solve Joy-Con Stick Drift Issue, According to New Patent | Games Rants


  • Nintendo has filed a patent for new joystick technology that may prevent Joy-Con drift in the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2.
  • The patent showcases the use of magnetic fields in the joystick, which would transmit a signal based on the joystick’s position.
  • The current Joy-Con drift issue is believed to be caused by dust exposure and wear and tear, but this new technology may offer a solution.

If a new patent is any indication, Joy-Con drift may become a thing of the past with the release of the Nintendo Switch 2. The patent highlights technology that may help to prevent the Switch 2 from experiencing the same controller issues as the current Nintendo Switch.

Many rumors regarding the Switch 2 have been stirring recently, with Nintendo allegedly demonstrating the Nintendo Switch 2 behind closed doors. Much about the handheld/console-hybrid’s follow-up is unknown or only rumored at this time. While many fans are likely thinking about the system’s graphics and battery life, those who have experienced the dreaded Joy-Con drift themselves are probably wondering if they’re in for a repeat experience with the Switch 2.

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A new patent from Nintendo seems to confirm the existence of new joystick technology that may be put into use on the Switch 2 in the future. The patent demonstrates a joystick that uses magnetic fields rather than physical contacts. The new joystick transmits a signal to the console based on how strong the magnetic attraction in the joystick is, which varies depending on the position of the joystick at any given time. This would be a significant change from the current joysticks implemented with the Nintendo Switch, though some may recognize the patent’s technological concepts.

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The patent Nintendo has filed seems to bear a similarity to hall effect joysticks, an existing technology that utilizes magnets to determine the position the player is indicating. This type of joystick has been utilized in an NYXI controller among others, and some companies have released parts to replace the malfunctioning components in existing Joy-Cons. Many users have reported that this version of the joystick seems to function as intended.

The main reason for Joy-Con Drift is believed to be due to exposure to external dust and internal components breaking down from wear and tear. The current system for Joy-Con joysticks sends a signal based on a physical contact between parts. However, in some teardowns, these parts have been shown to experience enough damage to cause loose debris or a lack of contact between parts, which distorts the signal and makes the system believe input is being made when nothing is touching the controller.

For now, it remains to be seen if Nintendo has found a solution that will ensure a lack of Joy-Con drift on its next console. It’s likely that it’s been a top priority for the company, though, considering the amount of trouble this issue has caused for users and Nintendo itself. Nintendo Switch fans have been able to send in their Joy-Cons for repair for free, which has undoubtedly come at a cost for Nintendo. Everyone will be happier if the next controller works as intended, and it seems this technology may be a step in the right direction.

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Source: US Patent and Trademark Office (via Dexerto)

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