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Leaker Reveals Major Switch 2 Details and Features | Games Rants


  • The next Nintendo console, potentially called the Switch 2, is rumored to be backward compatible and use a new cartridge format.
  • Leaks have suggested that the Switch 2 may feature a new camera function, potentially with AR or VR capabilities.
  • While fans may have to wait until 2024 for official details, the leaked information seems believable, and Nintendo has an exciting lineup of games planned for the current Switch.

According to a recent leak, the next Nintendo console, whether it’s called the Switch 2 or something else entirely, will apparently be backward compatible, use a new kind of cartridge for its games, and have some kind of new camera feature. Nintendo is expected to release the successor to the wildly successful Nintendo Switch at some point in the second half of 2024, though that hasn’t been confirmed by the company.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely that Nintendo is going to reveal more details about the Switch successor console at any point in the near future. The most likely scenario is that fans will have to wait until next year to learn about Nintendo’s new console and what exactly it’s bringing to the table.

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While official details on the Switch console will have to wait until 2024, a recent leak may still give fans some idea of what to expect. According to I’m a Hero Too, Nintendo dev kits are already out in the wild, with both Sega and Square Enix having them at their disposal. If the leaked information is accurate, the Switch 2 console is backward compatible with the Switch, uses a new cartridge format, and has a new camera feature. Power-wise, it was said that the Switch 2 was able to run Final Fantasy 7 Remake “like a PS5 game,” which would be a significant upgrade from the original Switch if true.

switch oled with joy cons

Fans should take this information with a grain of salt, but it’s worth pointing out that I’m a Hero Too has a fairly strong track record when it comes to leaks. And nothing they’ve claimed seems all that outlandish. It’s all very believable, with other leakers even reporting on the new camera feature for Nintendo’s next console. It’s believed that it may have some kind of AR or VR functionality using this new camera, but specific details aren’t available at the time of this writing.

With the Nintendo Switch 2 expected to release in the second half of 2024, Nintendo is winding down its major new releases for the current Switch. But it’s not going out with a whimper. On the contrary, the Nintendo Switch has an absolutely stacked lineup for the next year, with Nintendo expected to launch Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Super Mario RPG, a Princess Peach game, a remaster of the 3DS game Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and the long-awaited Metroid Prime 4. So even though Switch 2 leaks and rumors are heating up, there’s still a ways to go before the Switch itself will be out to pasture.

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