Nintendo’s Next Console May Feature Magnetic Attachments | Games Rants
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Nintendo’s Next Console May Feature Magnetic Attachments | Games Rants


  • Nintendo may be considering magnetic attachments for its next home console, according to a recently filed patent. This suggests a new feature that could enhance the gaming experience.
  • The rumored “Switch 2” is expected to retain some features from the original Switch, such as portable mode and cartridge-based games, while also offering improved specs and backwards compatibility.
  • Nintendo’s history of innovation with game consoles, including experiments with peripherals like Nintendo Labo and motion controls, indicates a continuation of pushing boundaries in gaming with its next console.

A patent filed by Nintendo suggests the developer may be looking into using magnetic attachments with the release of its next home console. While not much is yet known about the rumored “Switch 2” through official announcements, leaks have revealed several details about Nintendo’s rumored next console. The device is believed to feature several carryovers from the Switch including a portable mode and cartridge-based games, as well as improved specs and backwards compatibility. Now, a recent patent could be teasing another new feature coming to the console.

Rumors about the next Nintendo console come as the Switch serves as the oldest member of its console generation. The Switch’s launch in 2017 came three years before the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, releasing amidst the prime years of the PS4 and Xbox One. Many have felt Nintendo will similarly look to launch its next-gen console early, with rumors suggesting the “Switch 2” could debut sometime during 2024. Now, a patent filed by Nintendo could potentially reveal new magnetic attachments for its next console.

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A recently published patent, officially filed in December, claims a new magnetic attachment that the developer may be using for its upcoming console. The device looks to be a simple clip with a magnet attached to the rear of the clip, with the description for the patent referring specifically to holding a “game console.” The images included with the patent do not make the usage of the attachment clear, though references to a console suggest Nintendo’s next console release may use the magnetic clips.


A unique attachment for the Switch 2 would serve as the newest example of Nintendo pushing innovation with its game consoles. Since the Switch made waves with its combination of handheld and home console gaming, Nintendo has continued to experiment with new peripherals on Switch. Nintendo Labo’s VR expansion served as one of the developer’s first forays into virtual reality, though the cardboard peripheral did not perform well. The developer also continues to push motion controls with new games like Nintendo Switch Sports and Everybody 1-2-Switch.

Nintendo’s newest patent comes amidst a 2023 that has been full of high-profile titles from the iconic Japanese developer. The first half of the year saw the long-awaited launch of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to massive success after several years in development. Nintendo would also announce several new Mario games coming in late 2023 with Super Mario Bros. Wonder and a remake of Super Mario RPG among the highlights. Nintendo’s patented magnetic attachments could see the developer continuing to push the boundaries of gaming with its next console.

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