Nintendo Fan Finds Unique DS System in Facebook Group | Games Rants
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Nintendo Fan Finds Unique DS System in Facebook Group | Games Rants


  • A fan found a Nintendo DS adorned with autographs from the members of KoRn.
  • Reception of the autographed DS was mixed, with some fans excited about the unique customization and others concerned about the impact on its value.
  • Regardless of its value, the DS with KoRn signatures is a cool find, showcasing the console’s impressive library and the owner’s lucky encounter with the band.

A Nintendo DS covered in a rather cool set of autographs was found by a fan in a Facebook group. Customizing one’s gaming hardware is nothing new, and the Nintendo DS is no exception.

First launched in the tail end of 2004, the Nintendo DS marked the end of the Game Boy line of handhelds as well as Nintendo’s first foray into the seventh generation of gaming. Boasting an innovative dual-screen setup, broad casual appeal that drew in countless new fans, online play, and of course, a killer library of first and third-party content, the console was a juggernaut in sales. To this day, it remains Nintendo’s bestselling piece of hardware, the bestselling handheld console ever, and the second bestselling gaming hardware of all time, just behind the PlayStation 2. Likewise, the handheld has been viewed favorably by the public to this day, and is a source of nostalgia for many.

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Reddit user mafnxxx posted a nostalgic image they found in a Facebook group, featuring the original Nintendo DS model in blue. It is adorned with the signatures of various members of KoRn, an American nu metal band that was first formed in 1993 and is no stranger to making forays into the world of video gaming. The signatures are done in silver permanent marker and include the ones from founding members, bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu and guitarist and backing vocalist Brian “Head” Welch. No other context was provided for the photograph, which some commenters pointed out.

Reception in the comments appeared to be quite mixed. Some expressed that they were fans of KoRn and found it cool that the owner got to meet them and obtain their autographs. Likewise, several fantasized about owning that particular DS and what other signatures they would like to get on their gaming devices or merch. While getting autographs is usually seen as a cool thing among geek culture, some fans here questioned the effects of the KoRn signatures on the DS’ value, with several assuming it would decrease it sharply. A common suggestion was to clean them off in order to make the retro handheld worth a bit more.

Regardless of the above, this KoRn-autographed Nintendo DS was an undoubtedly cool find. Even if the added ink does reduce the value of the handheld, it doesn’t change the fact that the Nintendo DS’ library is to die for, and the fact that whoever owned this one was able to meet their favorite nu metal band for their signatures was quite the lucky person.

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