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Leaker Hints At Return of Classic Nintendo Franchise | Games Rants


  • Leaker Pyoro, known for accurate predictions, hints at the return of the classic Nintendo series F-Zero in an upcoming showcase.
  • Pyoro’s tweet referencing a MATLAB function suggests a possible connection to F-Zero, leading to speculation about a remaster or new game.
  • Others speculate that the leaker is hinting at Metroid Prime.
  • While fans are hopeful, it is important to manage expectations regarding a future Nintendo Direct announcement.

Pyoro, a Nintendo Direct leaker with a history of leaking information, has hinted that a future showcase from the company will have the return of a classic Nintendo series, F-Zero. Tokyo Game Show 2023 is coming up soon, with Japanese developers and publishers gearing up to show off their new games. Nintendo is no different, and usually holds a Nintendo Direct presentation ahead of the annual event. While one hasn’t been confirmed yet, one leaker is already hinting at what could possibly appear.

This hint comes from Pyoro, who has a fairly accurate track record with these kinds of things. For example, before the June 2023 Nintendo Direct, they had dropped hints about two potential things appearing, which they did. The first was a “remake of a SNES Classic,” which turned out to be the Super Mario RPG remake, along with “a new 2D Super Mario Bros.” game, which was revealed as Super Mario Bros. Wonder. There are other predictions, like their leaks about the reveals of Everybody 1-2 Switch and Sonic Superstars, which turned out to be accurate as well. Their latest hint is pointing towards a classic series that hasn’t had a new entry in almost two decades.

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Leaker Pyoro posted “fans of a certain MATLAB function will be happy with the upcoming Direct” on Twitter, not referring to any series directly. MATLAB is a programming and computing platform used by engineers to create 3D models that uses mathematical terms in its language. One of these is fzero, leading some to believe that Pyoro is hinting towards some sort of F-Zero game. This was strengthened further when Pyoro liked one of the reply tweets, which referred to the term as well.

The F-Zero franchise has been dormant for a long time now, with the last game in the series being the GBA Japan-exclusive F-Zero Climax 19 years ago. While F-Zero has been teased in a previous direct to be coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service, Pyoro states that this wasn’t what they were teasing. Fans then guessed that they were hinting towards a remaster of F-Zero GX or a brand-new game.

Other users who were familiar with the programming language also stated that “prime” is a possible clue as well, with the connection that could be drawn following that line of logic being something related to Metroid Prime. Leakers in the past have claimed that Nintendo could be remastering Metroid Prime 2 next, with others also claiming that Metroid Prime 4 could finally be shown off soon. The consensus among the replies was that Pyoro is referring to F-Zero, however. That said, this is all speculation and fans should keep their expectations in check regarding a future Nintendo Direct, if it gets announced.

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