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MrBeast Reveals Why He Wasn’t At Streamy Awards | Games Rants


  • MrBeast wasn’t able to attend the Streamy Awards to collect his Creator of the Year award because he was busy filming videos.
  • MrBeast’s absence aligns with his recent comments about working every day and pushing himself to the max mentally.
  • Despite concerns from fans, MrBeast’s dedication to content creation has contributed to his success and winning Creator of the Year four years in a row.

Following his absence from this year’s Streamy Awards, YouTuber MrBeast explained why he wasn’t able to attend and collect his award for Creator of the Year. The annual Streamy Awards gathered content creators from across the world to celebrate a growing community of creators. But when it was announced that MrBeast had, yet again, won the award for Creator of the Year, the YouTuber was nowhere to be found. MrBeast did confirm on Twitter why he missed the event, at least.

The Streamy Awards began in 2009 and have grown year to year since. This year’s awards ceremony was held in Beverly Hills and was hosted by YouTuber MatPat. The show was packed full of guests from Twitch, YouTube, television, and beyond. Performers included Armani White and Icona Pop. For the most part, award recipients were also in attendance at the show, too. Recipients included Dream who accepted the Gamer award and the increasingly popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat who won Streamer of the Year. But not everyone was able to attend.

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In a short and succinct post on Twitter, MrBeast explained the reason why he wasn’t at this year’s annual Streamy Awards. In response to a message on Twitter saying that MrBeast “didn’t even show up,” the YouTuber explained, “I’m filming videos,” alongside a crying emoji. There’s no apparent drama or controversial explanation for MrBeast’s absence. He’s simply working.

MrBeast’s explanation for his absence at the Streamy Awards lines up with past recent comments from the YouTube content creator. He posted on Twitter this past week that he’s been “filming every single day” and that he has only a couple of days off scheduled through the end of the year. MrBeast’s average video is doing over 100,000,000 views in a week, and is obviously striking when the iron’s hot.

Some of MrBeast’s fans have raised concerns that the YouTuber is working too much. In the same post where he confirmed he is filming every single day, MrBeast says that he is “dying mentally” and that he’s pushing himself “to the max.” Most of the responses treated the comics as jokes, or offered compliments for the content MrBeast’s producing. Others wondered if it was MrBeast crying for help.

MrBeast’s dedication to content creation is very likely the reason why the incredibly successful YouTuber has won the Creator of the Year award at the Streamy Awards four years in a row. His not attending the event is perhaps a symptom of that. Hopefully, MrBeast will be able to take some time off and attend the Streamy Awards next year. Maybe he can make a YouTube video out of it.

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