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How One Minecraft Player Built Working Destiny 2 Strike Missions In-Game | Games Rants


  • Minecraft’s creative potential allows players to recreate iconic structures and even entire worlds from other video games, like Destiny 2, with impressive attention to detail.
  • The Minecraft server built by a dedicated fan named tinyrottedpig features famous locations from Destiny 2, including Firebase Hades and Siren’s Watch, as well as more distant locales like Nessus and Io.
  • The Destiny 2 imitation within Minecraft offers players the chance to experience the game’s strike missions, confront challenging enemies, and use fan-favorite weapons in a pixelated world.

Minecraft has gained a reputation for its exceptional creative potential over the years, allowing players to showcase their imaginative prowess through boundless landscapes. One of the best games of all time in the sandbox genre, players can craft an array of structures with no limits in Minecraft, and its distinctive pixelated block-by-block construction approach is still a staple even with today’s advancing graphics. Much like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom and Valheim, players embrace the challenge of redefining building concepts within the universe, drawing inspiration from existing sources or conjuring original ideas from the fabled pixel dust of the mind. The spirit of creative freedom is exemplified by an inventive Minecraft enthusiast’s in-game recreation of two Destiny 2‘s strike missions, and the staggering level of detail has drawn plaudits from several circles.

Recreating iconic structures is not an isolated event in Minecraft, as players have rebuilt wonders of the world – such as the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal – in the game’s vast expanse, generating a lot of fanfare in their journeys. However, melding two distinctly separate virtual worlds is a large-scale commitment, and while many gamers dream of incorporating their favorite video games in Minecraft, the time investment is often considered too great. This daunting sacrifice did not deter one Minecraft and Destiny 2 super fan with a dream of playing the first-person shooter’s missions in the pixelated world, spending months crafting Destiny 2‘s most memorable quests in Minecraft.

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Minecraft’s Destiny 2 Server is a Pixelated Haven for Destiny 2 Fans

Firebase Hades Minecraft Destiny 2

With the high turnover of AAA games these days, it is commonplace for titles to phase out of relevance after some time in the spotlight, but some games like Destiny 2 have managed to retain their shining allure years after their release with the consistent infusion of features, expansions, and raid races. While fans look forward to unraveling the mystery behind the Final Shape, a creative member of the player base on Reddit, u/tinyrottedpig, has displayed their talents in Minecraft, building a fully operational Destiny 2 server brick by brick within the sandbox game.

The server includes famous locations in The Red War, with a landscape mirroring iconic sites such as Firebase Hades – a hub of weapon production – and Siren’s Watch, a landing zone in Titan. Perhaps even more impressive than these feats is the inclusion of more distant locales like Nessus and Io, with the Cistern Vex structure in Nessus also appearing in the rendition, complete with the infamous corresponding Insight Terminus strike that required players to thwart the Cabal’s attempts to steal Vex technology by infiltrating their base.

Additionally, the Pyramidion assault is also a component of the Minecraft server, giving adventurous builders the chance to confront Brakion, the Genesis Mind, and throw a wrench in his lofty ambitions of harvesting the moon Io in a multi-phased mission requiring varied strategies. Creatures like the characters in Destiny 2 obviously can’t be fought off with a mere diamond sword, and the dedicated fan added a suitable arsenal for implementation in the server. Fan-favorite weapons like the Two-Tailed Fox feature in the Destiny 2 imitation to provide long-range support against enemies such as Vex Hydra’s and Darkblades with its potent rocket blasts.

No additional modifications are needed to enjoy the Destiny 2 copycat, only requiring players to play with version 1.19.3 and above of the sandbox giant. Logging into the server and accepting all provided resources is sufficient for all the imitation’s tasks. The Destiny 2 functioning strike missions in a Minecraft server are a further testament to the title’s limitless creativity, as players can truly reach for the stars to build just about anything that comes to mind.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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